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Monday, December 5, 2022


When you cause me so much anger and pain and not see what you have done to me.


She was my gf for almost a year. Out of the few girls that I’ve dated, she was the hottest one. I admit I am a very confident man. I workout and lift weights and I am tall at 1.85cm while she’s 1.65cm.

I always believe we look very good together and I am the envy of many men for having her as my gf. People always look our way when we walk past and I was sure it’s because we are a very good looking couple.

We always argued. I was often angry. She cannot see how much frustration she has brought me. She cannot see when its clearly her fault when things happen. I don’t believe no other guys are chasing her when we are together and I admit I let my anger get the better of me sometimes. She has many unknown calls and she would always deny it when I ask if it’s from other guys. If you have unknown calls why won’t you delete it if it’s really from a stranger? Why keep the number on the log?

A few times she threw her phone because she was so angry by what I’ve found on her phone and social media. If you have nothing to hide, why get mad? I deleted all her phone numbers as I was sure she was saving numbers under girls names when its actually guys numbers.


I kept saying she will cheat on me one day and she really left me one day. Then she got together with another guy barely 2 months after we broke up. I was still in the process of trying to get her back as we always patch back but it stopped working. So many times I caught him sending her home and it made me so mad. I made sure she remembers I will forever be single thanks to a cheater like her.

Towards the end it was really ugly and I wanted to get back at her. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction so I destroyed everything of hers that she left at my home. I never forgot the way she insulted me. I did hope she is never happy forever for how she ended our relationship. I made sure she heard even my mum cursed her for causing me so much unhappiness.

That guy she dated was so short. I don’t know what she sees in him. I always believed she got together with him to spite me. I was sure he can’t satisfy her better than me. He don’t even have half my stature or presence. He doesn’t even drive a car like me. I find it unbelieveable that after me, she actually married that short guy and had a child with him.

I cannot get over the fact after leaving me, she married the first guy who wanted her. I know how to enjoy life while she chose to suffer with that poor short chap? When I meet or bump into mutual friends who also knows her, I feel my anger and bitterness coming back each time. I purposely flirted with her besties once when I bumped into them. I wanted them to tell her how happy and happening I am without her. And I have no lack of women surrounding me.

A part of me deeply wishes she suffer whenever I am reminded of her. I even purposely move around her workplace hoping she will bump into me and I hope she regrets letting me go as I am successful and earn more than her dwarf husband now.


I hope you remember me forever because you’ve been such a horrible person to me.

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