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Jurong Point Bus Interchange- Hysterical Woman Beats A Old Man, Scream And Try Snatching Random Bags

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Scene happened on 23rd Of May 2016 approximately 1.05pm. There was a lot of shouting when i arrived at Jurong point bus interchange. I can hear a woman shouting which cannot be understand. She started beating someone who she claim is her father. But no one was really sure if that was really her father. One of the interchange security staff tried grabbing her but she manage to escape and land a few more hits at the man in the video before he left her alone.

After 2-3 interchange staff hold on to her. They told her “your father has left, go back to him”. She started shouting “Im going back to work!!!”. She proceed walking out of the bus interchange. The security staff escorted her.

Suddenly she grab a random bystanders bag. The boyfriend of the victim started shouting at the hysterical woman ” OII!! I CALL POLICE THEN U KNOW!”. ¬†Finally 4 security guards pin her down and gave her back the bag and waited for police to arrive on the scene.

Now the woman started shouting “LET ME GO I WANT TO GO HOME!!!”

Public bystanders was commenting that the woman was crazy or saying “siao char bor”.

(Video taken by Singapore Uncensored)

Police arrived at the scene at approximately 1.40pm


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