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From 2010-2014, I lived in this flat in Jurong West Street 42. I will not name the block but it is located near a supermarket . Throughout that 4 years, I had always felt uneasy living there. The flats there were quite old. I lived on the 6th floor and getting home was complicated.


Back then, the lifts in my flat only stopped at levels 4 and 7. Hence, in order to get home, I had to walk a long corridor and go 1 level down to reach home.

At night, I could say at least 80% of the time there were faulty lights along the corridor at level 7. Walking along the corridor never felt good. You know those types of chills that you get!! I always felt cold and my hair will stand each time I walk along the corridor. That’s the reason why I run along the corridor most of the time. Especially at night, I always feel like someone is following me from the back all the time. Now, here come the hauntings that my family and I faced…

I faced 2 incidents back at that old flat. One incident happened when I came back home from school and I was alone at home. I was preparing for my PSLE at that time and alone at home around 4pm. When I was revising, the earpiece I hung on one of the wall hooks started untangling on it’s own at a very high speed before falling on the floor. No questions asked, I ran straight to my grandparent’s house.

The second incident happened when I was eating in the kitchen with my helper. We were eating and she asked me whether I feel weird about the house. This was around 7 pm. When she asked that question, the microwave immediately flew open on its own. I forgot what happen next but we shifted 2-3 months after these incidents.


After we shifted, my dad said he didn’t feel anything in the old house but my mum told us her stories. Throughout the years, she frequently sees a hand waving at her from the kitchen window like just the arm waving. We lived on the 6th floor so there was no way anyone could have waved at my mum. She also complained about the feeling of being followed at level 7.

When we told our grandma this, she told us she knew something about the flat but she didn’t wanna tell us so that we won’t be scared living there. She said that when she came out of the lift at level 7, she always see this dark figure waiting at the corner and that dark figure will always follow anyone back to their house. Sometimes this figure will follow all the way into the house and sometimes it will just follow back to the doorstep and leave us alone. I am just thankful that I did not see anything there except for the small disturbance but for sure I wouldn’t wanna go back to that house.

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