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KTV Performing Artiste Job at Cuppage Plaza Is Paying $8K To $12K a Month

In the heart of Singapore’s Orchard area, a vibrant nightlife entertainment establishment in Cuppage Plaza, Koek Road, has recently posted an intriguing job opportunity on the MyCareersFuture.sg portal. This government agency website, dedicated to listing jobs for Singaporeans and permanent residents, is not your typical platform for such positions, making this recruitment catch the attention of job seekers.


The Job Listing


The job advertisement, posted on Jan. 7 and closing on Feb. 6, is in search of a multi-talented individual to fill the role of a “KTV – Performing Artiste.” The monthly salary for this position falls between S$8,000 and S$12,000, adding an element of allure to the opportunity.


  1. On-Stage Performance: The primary duty involves captivating a live audience with engaging performances.
  2. Expression through Art: The artiste is expected to convey emotions and ideas through various mediums, including body movement, spoken language, facial expression, and action.
  3. Collaboration and Rehearsals: Regular attendance at rehearsals and collaboration with other band members is crucial for a seamless performance.
  4. Fine-Tuning with Music Director: Working closely with the music director to refine and enhance overall performances.
  5. Logistics Coordination: Ensuring the timely arrival of musical instruments or props at gigs.
  6. Adaptability to Criticism: Interpreting and incorporating constructive criticism from directors into performances.
  7. Memorization Skills: Ability to memorize lines or musical notes.

Job Requirements

The applicant is expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. Talented and Creative: Proficiency in various styles, connecting with diverse audiences, and attracting customers to the club.
  2. Musical Expertise: The ability to sing a wide range of songs to entertain audiences.
  3. Effective Communication: Good communication skills with both audiences/customers and colleagues.
  4. Dance Proficiency: The capability to dance skillfully on stage.
  5. Flexibility: Willingness to work during weekends and public holidays.
  6. Language Skills: Fluency in Vietnamese and Thai languages is a must.
  7. Network Connections: Existing connections in Vietnam and Singapore.
  8. Travel Commitment: Preparedness to travel to Vietnam is a requirement.
  9. Work Schedule: A 6-days-a-week commitment from 6 pm to 3 am.

Advertising on MyCareersFuture.sg

Fair Hiring Practices

While it might seem unusual for such a job listing to appear on a Singapore government jobs portal, it is a mandatory step for employers to comply with fair hiring practices. MyCareersFuture is a free service dedicated to Singapore citizens and PRs, ensuring that locals are given priority in job placements.

Advertising Requirement

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) mandates employers to advertise jobs on MyCareersFuture.sg for at least 28 days before applying for Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass for a foreign candidate. This requirement aims to promote fair employment practices and enhance labor market transparency.


EP Application for Foreign Hires

Given the high salary range of this KTV performing artiste job, it falls under the EP category. Since Sep. 1, 2023, the EP qualifying salary for new applications and renewals has been fixed at S$5,000 for most sectors. The salary requirement increases with age, ranging from S$5,000 for those 23 and below to S$10,500 for individuals aged 45 and above.


In conclusion, this unique job opportunity presents an exciting chance for a talented individual to showcase their skills in the vibrant nightlife scene of Singapore. By advertising on MyCareersFuture.sg, the employer is not only following regulatory requirements but also providing an opportunity for locals to fill the position before broadening the search to international talents.

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