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Please help me to post this. As I feel that as time goes on my chances of saving my wife is getting more and more dim.


Thank you reading the story below. Please don’t mind my English and forgive my grammatical errors.

It’s my first time wanted to post something. I’m not sure if this is the right channel to do so. But I hope that your social media reach can garner me some “moral” support.

Let’s call me R (41M) . I have been married to a Vietnamese lady and let’s call her PB (33F) . We were married this year in march.

I have suffered some losses due to a unforeseen business failure and have been settling issues since our marriage in march due to court cases. All things said and done. I am currently in the midst of being able to get back what I loss in business through alot of planning for a new endeavour.


My wife and I used to rent a place to live together before and through our marriage for a bout a year. Even though I have my own place under my name. She expressed that she was not comfortable staying with my elderly mum and sisters who are due to be married and leaving my place soon. And she also expressed that the rational is that it’s more convenient for her to go to work. As a loving boyfriend then and now husband. I obliged to her request out of love and meeting her needs.

After all the bad situations happend to me which almost landed me in prison. I had to pay hefty fine of 120K plus if not I will have to serve jail time. I was lucky that the judge allowed me to pay in installments of 20K per month after clearing at least 50% of the fine up front. I am happy that I struggled through that without even any help from her. As I do not want her to be overstressed due to our mother-in-law having cancer and living back in Vietnam.

Recently, in September we left our rental apartment as the lease ended. And because it is a tough time for me I am unable to get another rental immediately but will be able to do so in two months time since things are picking up for me due to the good graces of the universe and pure hardwork. I requested that she come back to our matrimonial home and legal address but got shot down by her saying it is not convenient for her work. She works in a KTV. And insisted that she wants to stay out in a rental room and only come back to our matrimonial home on Sunday and Monday to spend time with me and our family. Its really ridiculous but still I give trust as she promised that she will communicate with me about her whereabouts and let me know all is safe as she holds a LTVP which can easily be cancelled if she were to be caught doing any illegal activities.

She used to just work till 2am and come back home as fast as she could to be with me as all wife and husbands do. She used to let me know her whereabouts even when she is out for a booking with customers. Now she does not even tell me where she goes and what she is doing. She only texts me to say single liners like . “I’m ok” , “am busy” , no time to reply etc. Now she says she needs to work until 6am daily. Which I find puzzling and suspicious.

Ever since she stopped staying together with me.She doesn’t even reply as she used to. I suspect that she is doing alot of illegal things behind my back. But out of trust for her I let it go. The lack of communication is a red flag and drastic change.


And here comes the biggest drama which I hope the netizens will share this story and prevent any other man/woman from getting into this situation.

She has a “good lady friend” called M also a Vietnamese but much younger than my wife Recently on 18/09. My wife who usually texts me as soon as she wakes up. Suddenly tell me she is out with M in the afternoon. Usually when she wakes we will do a video call to check in with each other. Assuming she was still in grabcar I called her to check in awhile before I proceed for my meeting. She did not answer at all. Tried calling again she answered without activating video call and heard her saying she is in lady M home but I heard guys voices in the background. This immediately triggered me. As I know lady M’s husband as well. And that is definitely not M’s husband voice. Immediately, all things started going through my head and I called her till she answers a video call.

She finally answered showed she is in a kitchen with her “good lady friend” M. It’s definitely not M’s home. So I caught the first lie. And obvious my wife did not go home at all the night before. She is wearing an orange t-shirt which she has never had and I have never bought . I asked who is the guy they keep brushing me off and say they are at a mutual friend home. And got really upset as this is a first lie. Secondly, they were all slurring. Both woman especially my wife cannot drink alcohol. She gets drunk with less than 3 small glasses of beer. Being aware of Illicit substances use . It is confirmed that they have been using Illicit substance since early morning of 17 October. I k

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