41234523423423423Please make him famous! Ladies who are staying in Punggol Sengkang Hougang, please beware of this Chinese National man!

10 Nov 2018 around 9.20am
I have just ended my shift (12am-9am) and is on my way home. I was at Little India transiting towards Punggol (NEL) and was on my phone the whole time until around Serangoon to Kovan station, I sense someone staring at me. So I looked up and saw this Chinese Man sitting 3 seats away opposite me and he is facing the camera of his phone towards me. I wasn’t sure if he was taking photos or videos of me until I saw the reflections behind him. First was a pair of legs wearing stocking (l was wearing a pair of black stockings with my usual office wear), then goes up those legs, then stop awhile near the skirt area, then up and up until I see my own face reflected on his phone.

I got agitated and stood up to approach him asking what is he doing and I saw him taking video of me. He got panic and keep his phone in his bag. But I was snatching his phone and him pulling away from me. Until I saw blood coming out of my palm, I stopped. Apparently my hand got cuts from his phone casing when we are pulling his phone. I was shivering and agitated at that moment.

The uncle sitting beside him keep asking him to pass me the phone to let me see. But I was too late when I got hold of his phone. All pictures and videos was deleted in his phone. I was so lost and thankfully at that moment a guy came up to us and ask me take picture of him and help me look at his phone. Confirmed that all videos and pictures are deleted, the guy encourage me to report to police for a record and to share to everyone to be cautious.

This pervert keep saying – “小姐 你不要这样骂 我会怕的。” WTF you scare but you still got the cheek to do it. I got disgusted by him, so I got of the train together with that helpful guy. We approach the control station and let them to call the police. The guy note down his contacts as a form of witness for me and attend to my bleeding palm. But, I asked him to leave as I was afraid to take up his time. (I didn’t manage to get his name, but thank you for standing up!)

So I waited for around 15 mins for the police and lodge a report/statement. Police says that I do not have sufficient evidence to get him, hence is only classified as REQUEST FOR POLICE ASSITANCE. Well, is okay. You got away is okay. BUT I WILL FUCKING MAKE YOU FAMOUS. Seriously hate these kind of ppl whereby they think that they can take advantage of ladies easily. What’s the joy of it, seriously?

You mother fucker dickshit, just wanna tell you 你他妈的去吃屎 死变态 不要让我看到你!我不会怎么轻易放过你!


Just to share with every ladies, don’t be a silent victim of crime! I have a colleague that share with me what should we do when we encounter such situation –
1. Do not suffer in silence
2. Shout for help. Call 999
3. Alert the station staff
4. Take note of the appearance and attire of the culprit

So guys, please help to share and make him famous! Let your mom, wife, sister, daughters, friends know about this guy and be cautious!