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“Ladies” of the Night(ah gua) at Geylang

ST_20150114_OCGEYL14__980218e_2xLocal News –  Have you ever been to Geylang and had an encounter with the “Ladies” of the night somewhere along lorong 8? Where you will see the “ladies” sitting by the roadside with thick make up and their tight dresses.


I would say this is definitely not for the faint hearted especially if you are a buffed guy. Chances are you will get pulled by them into a street alley where they will offer their services to you.

Basing on my own personal experience, this would definitely be the first and the last I walk along that dodgy area. So happened on one fine night, I was walking along that street after parking my vehicle to get to some good food as we all know that Geylang is famous for their many delicacies, this “lady”decided to come up to me and offer her services to me. Immediately, I turned her down with a big fat no as I was hungry more than anything else.

What happened next was something I would never expect happen in the open, even for a place like geylang, she decided to put her hand in my jeans pocket with the attempt to touch my genitals. At that point of time, all I could think was, she was trying to steal my phone from me. But it was later then I found out that it was something else she wanted.

Definitely a first and the last that I am going to walk past them as that has instilled a phobia in me.


Has anyone ever had such an encounter with them?

Do share with us your experiences and thoughts.

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