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In a recent incident that stirred up quite a buzz on social media, a Facebook user took to the Complaint Singapore group to share her mother’s frustrating experience at a renowned laksa stall in Chinatown.


This encounter, which took place on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday (19 Sep), has left many questioning not only the high prices but also the hawker’s rude behavior.

The Costly Laksa Dilemma

The story begins with the OP’s mother and her group of friends eagerly making their way to the famous laksa stall. However, their excitement quickly turned into disappointment when they were handed the bill: a whopping S$20 for just two bowls of laksa.

At S$10 a bowl, they couldn’t help but feel that this was far from reasonable, given what they perceived as “small portions” that weren’t even particularly tasty.

Adding to the controversy, the OP shared an old photograph of the same stall, displaying a bowl of laksa priced at a mere S$7.50.


While it’s essential to consider the impact of inflation on prices over the years, the sudden jump to S$10 seemed excessive, leaving many patrons scratching their heads in bewilderment.

To further complicate matters, the OP’s mother made a seemingly reasonable request: an extra empty bowl. However, this straightforward ask was met with resistance. The hawker not only refused to provide the additional bowl but also displayed what the OP described as “showing attitude”.

The situation escalated rapidly as the OP’s mother and the stall owner engaged in a heated exchange. The owner, allegedly losing his temper, shouted at the customer, “If you think you are so good, you come and cook yourself.” This aggressive response left the OP and her mother shocked and appalled.

The OP wasted no time in condemning the stall owner’s behavior as “terribly unacceptable.” She emphasized that this behavior was on top of what she already considered an overpriced bowl of laksa.

In her frustration, she even pondered whether the stall owner might have inflated the price simply because her mother was polite and accommodating. However, a commenter chimed in to confirm that the current price indeed stood at S$10.


The controversy didn’t stop with the OP’s post. Another netizen chimed in, echoing the sentiments of being “conned” by the high prices. This individual also corroborated the claims of the hawker’s poor attitude, further fueling the outrage.

Here is what she said

So basically, as of today my mother went to this famous penang laksa stall at Chinatown. I am not sure when is this picture taken but it’s found on google and this picture clearly stated that penang laksa was charged at $7.50 but today my mother and her friends ordered 2 bowl of penang laksa at $20?!?!

Ok, maybe this picture might have taken quite some time ago and inflation hits which brings the price up to $10 per bowl but even so, it’s still too pricey for the small portion that they are giving and it is not even that nice.

My mum forgotten to check the price listed on the menu today but if she’s charging my mum extra just because she’s nice to cheat then it’s abit too much… so if anyone knows what are their current price for penang laksa as of today, do let us know..

Besides the price that they are charging, this lady shown in the picture is not portraying good customer service as well.

As my mother and her friends ordered 2 bowl of penang laksa to share so they went to ask this lady for a empty bowl so that they can share but this lady refused to give them an empty bowl and showing attitude to my mum saying that their stall do not provide empty bowl to customers.

Hello? My mum ordered from your stall and only requesting an empty bowl, is not like she ordered from another stall and requesting an empty bowl from your stall right??!!

This is not the right attitude to treat your customers, charging at $10 per bowl is too much and can’t even get an empty bowl?

My mum quarrelled with this lady because of how rude she is. This lady even shouted at my mum saying that ‘if you think you are so good, you come and cook yourself’.

Someone enlighten me, i understand that coffeeshop workers might be tired at times but the attitude that this lady gives is terribly unacceptable. My mum did not even complaint about the price even after knowing that it’s abit overpriced already, she went to ask for an empty bowl nicely but this lady gives such an attitude and expect to have sales & customers patronizing your stall??


Source: Facebook

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