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Life Of A Singaporean Son

Untitled-5Every father and every son goes through the tough phase in life of being a green man. Mandatory it is. As a home-grown Singaporean i have seen different fellow army boys that goes through the different phase of army life.


Phase 1: Enlist

Saying good byes to loved ones has never been easy. Mothers get worried and fathers laughing. Girlfriend or boyfriend…. bid goodbye for the last time

Father: “You better get marksman and get into OCS or at least specialist course.”

Mother: “Be careful with the guns and jungle, don’t be a hero!”


GF/BF: “i will wait for you(ya right….90% of the time) To those who really waited and get married you have found the Mary Jane of Spiderman.

Friends: “HAHA! your turn!”

Phase 2: Shaving And Getting Ready To See Green Everyday

Training,running, cleaning and live in fear.  But some people are not afraid, there are some who are special, some would say chao geng (escape).

This is the story of a daring and smart guy that use every aspect of army law aka directive to live his life with maximum freedom.


Mr M was a aspiring young men that did not bother to do anything in life and did not put effort into anything till he went to army.

On enlistment, Mr M was 68kgs. Wanna guest his weight after BMT? 78kg!

As Mr M is well verse in medical field he did not have to lift a single finger to do anything. He is always on Attend B or C.

As Mr M is a mischievous by nature fellow he manage to win the hearts of his commanders and fellow company mates although he is a chao geng, He met Mr K a sabotage warrior aka sabo kia, Which made him get into punishments all the time. Somehow Mr M made the whole company laugh at him and did a couple of pranks to him till he had to go the mental institute. After getting rid of Mr K.

Somehow MR M completed the minimum requirements to pass BMT.

Mr M continue his journey to another camp for training. Yet another victim went to mental institute….the story will continue if there is more than 100 likes….

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