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Love Scam – Woman Lost $8,000 To Guy From Social Media


I became acquainted with this person named “Ken” from a social application three months back .


Around then , I didn’t generally conversed with him much ,up to this point I lost my occupation and he reached me again and asked me out . In this manner I went out with him and he began to ask me out and I went out with him on the 11/8.

He began to request that I credit Him cash and let me know that once the check cleared on the 12/8 he will returned me $2700. In any case, the next day he let me know that this whole of cash he can’t returned me yet as something sprung up in the organization and he expected to utilize the cash to book inn for his China customers furthermore lease an auto for the clients.he required about $9000 however the watch that was cleared is just 6000 so he is lack of 3000 .

I let him know I don’t have any cash any longer however he was imploring me to credit from my frd then I went to acquire 1000 from my frd . For the following few days he began to request that I credit him another few k and let me know he will have another check in and will be clear by one week from now . Accordingly the whole collected to that sum .

After that when I approached him for the cash back as I have to pay for my rental, he started to give me pardons like give him time , he won’t abandon me to pass on yet in the wake of giving him a few days despite everything he didn’t do anything and to the augment that I let him know I will answer to the police he can notwithstanding making explanation that “Wah You are without so to make police report.”


After which he started not to answer my content furthermore erase me from the Friend list on the social application . I truly want to discover him out as I don’t have the full insights about him and needed to recover my cash back .

Source: FB Post by amanda Yip

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