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Saturday, November 26, 2022

MAN ENCOUNTER MONKEYS, TOLD BY NETIZENS “Ur 1 v 1 will quickly become 1 v 20”

Monkeys are animals that will steal food and belongings from people and sometimes it can even get dangerous.


Previously, several videos went viral after a monkey was spotted snatching a student’s bag.

A netizen posted online asking how to deal with wild monkeys:

Just a few minutes ago I had a frightening experience with monkeys. Was at macritchie bus stop, holding a small bag of 2 items(small food items) and didn’t realized monkeys were near me. Until I felt someone tugging my bag and yeah. After it stole an item, another 2-4 of them approached me for more food so I threw the rest of the bag at them instinctively. After that, immediately boarded the next bus which arrived at the bus stop, too shocked by the experience.

Pretty lucky got out unharmed. Looking back, should you just surrender your stuff to them once they lock on to you? Or fight for possession of your items and run?

Anyways lesson learnt: do not hold bags of food anywhere near monkeys



  • Dont fight with monkeys. Ur 1 v 1 will quickly become 1 v 20. Also their teeths are way sharper than u can imagine.
  • Just surrender your food, its never worth it to fight with wild animals. You can always replace your food but not any of your body parts lol
  • You don’t surrender your food. They will come back for more once you surrender to them. That’s the reason the other group approached OP. Monkey see monkey do, and they’re not aggressive, and they won’t attack.
  • Monkeys have tried stealing my hydration pack, and many times gloves left resting on my bike, all that’s needed is to just shoo them away..
  • It’s not uncommon to see packs of over 20 monkeys scattered along a trail. for us, we just ride through making sure not to run over any juvenile. some will move some will stand fast, but we just ride through, and saw hikers just walk pass them normally, and not sure about eye contact. never made any..
  • Same for wild boars.. They’re docile.. many times comes head on with a few in a narrow trail. still scary IMO, and Just stop, and once they spot our presence, they will scatter and run off..
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