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I owe a lot of money to a lot of people. It’s not a situation I’m proud of, but it’s the one I find myself in. I’m stuck in a cycle of borrowing money from one friend to pay another.


It’s not a sustainable long-term solution, and I’m starting to realize that.

It all started when one of my boss delayed my salary because the company was not doing well. I was still doing okay that time and had some savings, so I allowed my boss to delay my salary.

I believe that he would pay me back by the time he promised as he mentioned that he was waiting for some payments to come in.

A few weeks passed and he still hadn’t paid me back. I started to get worried and asked him about it. He said something had come up and he couldn’t pay me back right now, but assured me he would in the near future.


I was in a tight spot, so I decided to believe him.

A few more weeks passed and still no money from my boss. I had bills to pay and needed the cash, so I decided to ask another friend for a loan.

I explained the situation and asked if he could lend me some cash. He said yes and even offered to lend me more than what I asked for.

I took the money and paid back off whatever I needed to. I thought everything was okay, but then the cycle started repeating itself.

Every few week my boss would delay my salary and I would have to end up borrowing from friends again to pay off my bills.


Some friends were okay to lend me money but were also cash tight and could only offer me half of what I needed to borrow and so I had to look for more people to borrow money from.

This made me owe a lot of different friends money.

The cycle kept going and going. I was constantly borrowing money from one friend to pay another, and never getting ahead as it came to a point where my boss’ business closed down and he could only afford to pay me 1/4 of the total he owed me.

I was in a financial hole and felt like there was no way out. I was stuck in this cycle and didn’t know how to break it.

I then try to move on to another job to pay off my debts but had difficulty getting one as there was always someone who was more ‘qualified’ than me for the job.

Desperate to pay off whatever I borrowed, I decided to take the 1/4 of what my boss paid me to try my luck at the casino to see if I can win enough to cover my debts but I lost it all.

This made me fall deeper into the cycle of borrowing from one friend to return and they eventually found out about it and decided to all stop lending me money.

I’m currently still in a mountain of debts and jobless.

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