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A netizen shared how he had cheated on his wife but at the time, the word “cheat” didn’t enter his mind.


Here is the story

I’m married and I’ve let another person got too close to me. I know I’ve cheated but at that time the word ‘cheat’ did not enter my mind.

We were colleagues and work on different floors. I noticed we take the same route to work. I would see her a few stops after me while on the way to work. She’s very friendly and would say hi and make small talk. We bumped into each other so often till we decided to meet and go to work together. I didn’t think much of it because she’s just a friend to me. She started to send me good morning texts. I didn’t think much of it. I start to respond back the same greetings.

I found out that we have a few similar interests so sometimes she would send me related jokes so we would have a good laugh. I start to reply back the same. I thought since she knows I’m married there shouldn’t be a problem as I see her as a younger sister. I was having some family issues then, and her jokes cheered up my day when I’m down. When she flirts with me, I flirted back to show her I understood.

I notice she was texting me more often. I thought it was starting to feel weird, it felt like courtship? But I considered her a friend so I just continue to talk to her. She would ask me for help and guidance regarding work as well as her personal relationships. I feel bad for her because I get the sense she has a sad past and she seems to make childish decisions in regards to love. All this while I do not have romantic feelings for her. I do care for her as a friend. I also wonder why is she on my mind all the time. Sometimes she would take the jokes too far and mention my wife which I dislike. So I would ignore her.


This continued for months until she was blast texting my phone one day while I was home and my wife saw the messages.

I was still in denial mode when my wife confronted me about my relationship with this person. I defended myself and insisted I’m just friends with her. But I couldn’t answer about the amount of talking and the amount of photos exchanged. I try to convince myself and also my wife it’s just a normal friendship because I didn’t touch that person.

What made an impact on me that I’ve really done wrong was the reaction of my wife. I didn’t know I can hurt her so badly. My wife didn’t eat and sleep for over two days. She barely drank anything. I’ve never seen her in such a deranged state. She would suddenly wail, scream, sob, hit me, tell me she hate me. Hug me. Tell me she love me. To know I am the cause of her pain, I feel great shame and guilt, almost unbearable. I love my wife and I have no idea how to make things better for her. To know that she will never trust me again, I don’t know how to make it up to her that I will never do anything like this again.

I’ve since cut off all communications with this person and blocked her. She tried to get in touch with me but I don’t care about her anymore. I also felt like I was being played by this woman. So there’s no way I will rekindle this friendship.

To people who always say once a cheater always a cheater. I have to disagree. Not everyone is like this. I never want to be that person again. I would never want to hurt my wife again. Else I will lose her forever. I would rather not exist anymore should I ever lose her this way. She’s everything to me. She’s my forever person. I want to grow old with her. Only her. And I hope she forgives me one day.

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