4215155Dear all Singaporean fellows & Others,

Seeking for help on looking the Pinoy man (with red circle) who is still working in Singapore at IT Industries.
I has been scammed by them with run away amount of $50000. Police report has been make since 23rd Sept 2017 as shown Police report image.

Unfortunately, the Filipino girl (Ma. Roma Arteta) has been left Singapore and flew back her Manila (tondo) when she noticed her MOM has informed on her forged submission certificate to obtain a ā€œSā€ working pass.
We believed her batangas Pinoy still remained in Singapore working with IT firm.

Seeking for help to locate him.

Just as a reminder for all singaporean and others be aware of this couple shown photos to avoid to be a scam victim.

And lastly, for those IT firm in Singapore. HDB has been reported on his behaviour on the violation on sub renting out his Teck Whye Lane #07-107.

To be more aware of this Pinoy batangas man on all those violation against Singapore Law (HDB Law, Scam etc).

Please help to share it out to everyone to avoid scam victim target by this couple.
IT firm, please take note with this Pinoy batangas man who still working in Singapore IT.
Anyone who have any update regarding about this scammer, kindly do update me via this blog about his working company, name, contact and whereabouts etc.
Appreciated and million šŸ™

Source:Ā Jimms Chai


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