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Thursday, August 18, 2022


Would like to share my story over here.


Used to be single carefree, social butterfly, rock and roll character.

I met my wife thru tinder, shotgun after 6 months and got married and most things went down south. I was earning a decent amount(low 6 figure) as a salesman before marriage and of course, due to my spontaneous character I spent every dollar I earn aka not much saving. Due to covid and some other stuff, my earnings got affected very badly. Basically I still can afford daily living. But not a super comfortable life.

My wife also earns a good income probably 5-10k a month depending. Doesn’t contribute to the family(sometimes for our child). We live with my parents and she’s from the neighbouring country. Our bto is due 2024. So it’s quite a long way to go.

My previous life. I do tons of Social networking, drinking, partying. Part of it for fun. But I will be able to get some sales out of it. Being married pre-covid, whenever I do it. Me and my wife will have a bloody war when I get home. I totally know that she’s insecure,( I try to assure her thru messages. But it doesn’t work. )


Reach covid, sales was zero. I got no income coming in. I did some delivering and private hire to keep the family going. (She still thinks I got alot of money) restaurant meals/takeaway)

She’s say things like why do I even need to make noise to have a meal say $80-100. As a man, I try to suck it up.

To take things to this page I need to tell the audience I did some shameful stuff as will. I totally not proud of. As we were living with my parents, during one heated quarrel we had after my drinking session, my mum step in to say some stuff for me. Of cos most mothers will. So the wife scream at my mum. Which was very upset with. So I asked her to not do it. She continued yelling at my mum. I punched her. I shouldn’t have done it. But what done is done. It’s the worst thing I’ve done it life. She called the police and filed for a PPO. And after these things become sort of normal again.

Since the border open, she’s wants to go back whenever she has the chance. No matter there’s traffic or not. To accodate her I’ve been in the traffic 3-5hrs/ 6-10hrs weekly. Its super tiring for me, she just said, if I don’t want, she can drive. And if I don’t send her and my kid, she will say I’m fup.

Fast forward today. Wife and mum still has bad blood and we are still living togeter. The more she don’t wanna stay in my parents place. And she’s trying not to let my parents handle my kid. Saying all the bad stuff about my parents. I know it’s her way to get back to my mum.


I’m staying in this marriage because of my kid. But sometimes Id be better of dead. I really wanna leave but I truly love my kid. I don’t want my kid to receive bad quality education and upbringing. Honestly,this story can go on and on I can flood your whole feed.

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