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I fell for a Siam bu.


Before u guys judge me, please hear me out. I often frequent Thai disco / Siam Diu as a means to de-stress. I find that the loud music and spinning lights help take the stress away from my work.

Like any other visit, I sat at my usual spot when a petite silhouette from afar caught my attention. Her round eyes, sharp nose, and elongated legs is what many would consider “attractive”. Not to mention that her long and silky hair that is constantly brushing against her shoulder line; any man would subconsciously gravitate toward her and I was no exception.

I could not help but to glance in her direction without making it too obvious. I got caught eventually and we exchanged eye contact for a good 10 seconds. She understood the assignment and came over for a chat. As we began sharing more about each other, I realized that we have many things in common. We immediately clicked as though we had known each other right from the beginning. She introduced herself as “Moon.”

At that moment, I felt as though I had found my soulmate. Talking to Moon made me forget about my fatigue from work. It was as though time had stopped. Deep down, I was sincerely hoping that the conversation could last forever. Time flew quickly, and before I knew it, the place was closing for the night. We exchanged contact and parted ways.


The next day, my phone rang. On answering, I was greeted by a familiar voice. It was Moon. My face lit up knowing that I could connect with her again. We agreed to meet up at a Thai restaurant called NaNa at Golden mille.

NaNa restaurant is a famous Thai restaurant in SG. Moon claimed to be a frequent patron of the place as their food tasted close to home. She even use the opportunity to teach me the name of the dishes in Thai. Halfway through our meal, she was rudely interrupted by a phone call which led her to leaving the restaurant. She claimed that she had something urgent to attend to, and needed to excuse herself. She sounded anxious.

Feeling concerned, I quickly paid the tab and followed her. I was soon led to one of the floor exits where I found her seated on the stairs and sobbing uncontrollably. I approached her to check on her. My presence caught her off guard and, almost immediately, she apologized for leaving me alone in the restaurant. She then went on to explain what happened. Turns out, her mom was terminally ill, and needed money for her operation. Sympathizing with her plight, I agreed to help her out without much hesitation.

As I was about to get up and make the withdrawal. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. She gave me a peck on my cheek to express her gratitude. Things got heated up and we made love in a public space. Despite the shabby location, the sex was good and memorable. The day ended on a good note with her settling her family matters with my financial support.

That incident pulled us closer as we started hanging out more. Despite numerous warnings from my friends and family about her intention, I chose to believe her as I felt that the society perception towards hostress is based on stereotypes. Things, however, did get dubious when she started asking for more money…

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