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Hello everyone, I’m the fresh grad guy that was stuck between the 90k and 70k job. Even though i know most of you dont care [LOL each man for his own!] I thought I would share my decision and thought process, in case anyone ever get stuck in my position too.


Ultimately I decided the 90k Job, Your comment made me hesitate greatly. I almost chose the 70k option when I think back about your comment! And yes you’ve rightfully pointed out that im part of the 80% and not one of those chiongters. Met some of them during CS days. Its hard to imagine how to really catch up]

Like some people have rightfully guessed, the 70k job is related to consulting.

Without delving too deep [yall are too good at stalking], it was in a role which required frequent travels but not technical. I always thought it would be fun to do different projects as well [less monotonous bro]! Frankly the starting pay wasn’t too bad [~5.5k per month w bonuses]. More then enough for my current lifestyle. With consulting job comes certain skillset [Idk, smoking skills? HAHA] and I thought IR skills was definitely transferable [in case I want to continue working on IR related jobs]. Of course, I nv worked a day in consulting before and I heard the life is pretty shit and intense.

But still if I don’t try, I would never know right? Most importantly, this role does not always present itself (dont ask me how i got through the interviews. Sometimes you get luck). If not now, then when? What if I never get a similar opportunity anymore? My CS Job won’t be able to help me travel around even!


But what pushed me to decide the 90k Job is as follows:

1. If my early career does not define my life, why not take this chance to earn cash and improve on my technical skills [which is truly, indispensable in today’s digital age]

2. With the cash [and ETF investment. Lord praise the US markets. Ok but for real, hope the world becomes a better place so everyone flourishes and my etf flourishes as well] I can build up my money. And at the same time, build up on my resume so I am wanted *everywhere*

3. Am I giving up on my dream job? Hell no! I will simply postpone it! I am early in my career! If i can afford to take a risk on possible setbacks from the consulting job, i can equally take the risk of giving up this opportunity and HUNT for one next time.

Yes opportunities doesn’t always come. The consulting role I mentioned isn’t always available. And they may not even consider me next time. But the onus is on me then. I will improve. Be better. And be on a consistent look out. That’s why I decided to give up on this opportunity, and look for another one who would be willing to compensate similarly in the future. Maybe as a fresh grad, 70k was all they were willing to pay. But what if i came back with more experience? Make myself worth that much in the future!


So with that, goodbye dream consulting job [for now]. I’ll be back. And my final advice for those who may be in a similar crossroad. As everyone said, there’s no right choice! There are only different perspectives. For me, I was only willing to give up my dream job because someone reminded me this : “This won’t be the only job that you get to travel. You’re not giving up on this opportunity, you’re giving yourself a chance to seek for a better opportunity. The world is large. If you truly want it again, you can and should hunt for it again. Get some cash ready to prepare for your next fight”. So my final advice is as follows: “Don’t give up on an opportunity because it’s not the “best”. There would always be a better one. But definitely don’t accept a deal that is objectively worse off”.

That’s all folk. It’s a long WoT. Perhaps a way for me to convince myself I made the right choice. But hey who cares. I will be buying my S22 Ultra for the ITZY concert now! Thanks for reading. Great luck to all your careers my fellow students!

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