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A member of the community is seeking assistance and information from witnesses after being assaulted at the main entrance of Sembawang Sun Plaza on January 19th between 6:20 and 6:30 PM. The individual is reaching out to gather details for a police report regarding the incident.


Description of Assailant:

  • Middle-aged, approximately in his 40s
  • Short hair and big build
  • Wearing a blue formal shirt

Description of the Victim:

  • 29 years old
  • Tall build
  • Wearing a white shirt and blue pants

Details of the Incident: The victim recounts that the assailant accused him of intentionally tripping or kicking him while crossing a busy crosswalk. According to the victim’s perspective, the incident occurred at a busy junction, and he was not intentionally involved as the assailant cut into his direction from a blind spot. Despite attempting to de-escalate the situation verbally, the assailant allegedly kicked the victim 2-3 times, accompanied by vulgarities. The victim was also questioned about his nationality, with the assailant asking if he was “Malaysian.” The victim clarified that he is not Malaysian, emphasizing that nationality should not be a factor in the context of the incident.

The situation only de-escalated when the victim managed to get on an escalator. The victim is urging anyone who was in the area during the specified time frame, witnessed the incident, or has video evidence to come forward and provide information. The assistance of potential witnesses could be crucial in resolving the matter.


The victim expresses gratitude to a kind lady who voiced support during the incident, thanking her for standing up and validating that the victim had done nothing wrong.

What The Netizen Said

Hey everyone, I’m reaching out to this community in the hopes of finding anyone who might have witnessed an unfortunate incident that happened to me.

On the 19th of January, between 6:20 and 6:30 PM, at the main entrance of Sembawang Sun Plaza, I was assaulted and I’m trying to gather information for a police report.

Description of the assailant

Middle-aged, probably in his 40’s |Short hair | Big build |Was wearing a blue formal shirt


About me

29 years old |tall build |Was wearing a white shirt and blue pants

Description of incident

Assailant insisted that i intentionally tripped/kicked him when crossing a busy crosswalk. From my perspective, it was a busy junction and I wasn’t really paying attention and he cut into my direction from a blind spot. I tried to de-escalate the situation verbally, but the assailant kicked me 2-3 times while hurling vulgarities and questioning if I was “Malaysian” (which I’m not, but not that it mattered if Singapore/ Malaysian in this context).

The situation only calmed down when I managed to get on the escalator. If you were in the area at that time and saw anything, or know someone who did, please DM me. If you had video evidence, your help could be crucial in resolving this matter. Thanks in advance!

P/S: to the kind lady who helped me voiced out against him, thank you once again and thank you for validating that I did nothing wrong 🙂

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