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So this happened a while ago but still bugs me to this day. Forgive the bad formatting as I’m on mobile and it’s my first post


I was younger at the time I went through this and it was one of my first relationships. I met this girl on a dating app and we decided to meet.

On the day the day we were supposed to meet up a but something came up and I wanted to reschedule but she insisted so I ended up driving almost 1 hour to meet her. The first red flag was the constant texts saying where are you? I however stupidly ignored it.( In hindsight there were a lot of red flags but me being me I ignored them)

I finally get there and we do our thing and I stayed the night. The next morning i leave and later that night as I’m relaxing I get the text that started this 4 month relationship from hell. “I really liked our time together do you want to start dating?” I said sure even though I really didn’t want to but didn’t wanna hurt her feelings.

A month passes and I begin to notice some things that really bother me. She told me her and her roommate weren’t an item but both were pretty close. She also was extremely jealous. EXTREMELY. I remember getting my car fixed and she later screamed at me that I must be cheating cuz of how nice my mechanic was when he had been my mechanic for years. That was red flag number


2. She proceeded to do this whenever someone would smile at me or make small talk.

A month and a half pass and I’m at her place when I’m using the restroom and she barges in screaming and crying. She told me she went through my phone and noticed one of my best friends had been messaging me earlier that day.

We’d been discussing plans to meet up for ice cream and catch up as we hadn’t seen each other in ages. She was certain that that was proof I was cheating. I explained that no I wasn’t and that was the end of that. She would regularly go through my phone and go nuts if I was talking to anyone but her. I had nothing hide but I still didn’t think she should go through my phone without my consent so I put a lock on it.

When she found out about it she threatened to kill hersef and proceed to fake a few seizures. ( She CLAIMED to have epilepsy but never saw meds used to treat it and they only happened after things didn’t go the way she wanted them to.)

Now I work with clients who does have seizures so this of course got me worrying untill she gave herself away a few weeks later. She told me she remembered a sweet nothing I had said while she was in the middle of a “seizure”. If anyone out there has seizures you probably know you don’t usually remember what happened during it. But any way back to the story.


She started to get abusive two months in. If I didn’t do things she wanted she would beat me.

It started off small like a smack but progressed to being choked out. She would also force me to have S even if I didn’t want to. There would be points when I said no and tried to push her off but she would force it and I’d have bruises from her holding me down.

The thing that pushed me over the edge was one night at my place she said she wanted Chinese food. I said I didn’t have enough money to pay for the food considering she didn’t drive and petrol to and from her house wasn’t cheap. She proceeded to threaten me with a knife. I talked her down but started to formulate my escape plan. I also really wanted to get her back. At this point I wanted her to feel some of the panic I’d felt over the past few months. Ms.nice guy was officially dead.

Now remember that roommate I said she seemed really close with? Well I found out she was cheating with him.

She left her fb open and I saw she had some messages from her roommate. Turns out she’d been cheating on him and called me a dumb bitch. She’d also been cheating with another girl too. While she was sleeping I copied the messages for part of my revenge.

We were about to head back to her place when I told her I needed gas. I find a station and tell her to go grab us drinks. She goes in and I leave her there. I made sure to pick a station 30 mins away from my house in an unfamiliar place. I got home and sent her all the screenshots and said I’m done. Good luck getting home. I then sent the screenshots to her family and the girl she was cheating on me with. I then posted her number to a S app with her photo and number. I blocked her on everything after that

I still wake up screaming sometimes because of that bitch.

3 years later. She broke me. Mentally, physically, and s-lly. I wish I had done more to her. Sometimes I wish I had hit her back or just walked away sooner. But I was too dumb. Hopefully no one goes through something like this or is smarter than me and leaves at the first sign of danger

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