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Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Back in the day, I always head out to Zouk when it was still at Jiak Kim Street for a night of drinking and clubbing with a few of my male buddies.


I remember it was a Friday that night and I was in the mood for some clubbing, so I got dressed up in my best clothes and headed out to Zouk.

The music was thumping, the lights were flashing, and the drinks were flowing. I was feeling good and ready to have a good time.

I started to scope out the scene, looking for some potential targets.

However, I was particular about the girls I was looking for, or at least I would try to snag the best available girl which I could get at the club.


My criteria for girls that I hunt

They had to be attractive and have a good vibe, it doesn’t matter if they would eventually leave the club with me to go ‘piak piak’ as long as they met the above criteria.

What we usually do

We usually pre-drink a little bit outside and only go in at 11pm, when there were more crowd filling up the dancefloor.

I was searching for the right girl, one who fitted my criteria, the moment I stepped into the club.

I had been looking for some time now and I was starting to get a little frustrated. I wanted someone to dance with, and someone to just enjoy the night with.

Then, at 11:30pm, I finally found someone who fit the bill. She was beautiful, had great energy, and seemed like she was looking for a good time.


We started talking and I could tell that she was interested in me as well. We went out onto the dance floor and started to get lost in the music.

We made out a little and was flirting with each other all the way and I was having a great time and I could tell she was too.

At 2am, the club was starting to wind down and even though the girl which I found was interested in me, she did not want to go back with me as she had to send a drunk friend back.

That was when I realised I had a 2am mode

After the girl left, I felt that I was left ‘hanging’ because we had so much physical contact with each other but it just ended abruptly.

I began to search for another target but however, the options were limited as the crowd was also dying down.

I could not find someone who fitted my criteria and was thinking if I should go back already too when suddenly, a rather plus sized girl came over and approached me.

She introduced herself and started talking to me and said that she finds me cute and charming.

Being already left ‘hanging’ by the first girl, I decided to take the chance and go for this plus sized girl because I knew that I could definitely ‘makan’ her.

It is just like the hokkien saying where they say ‘Prawns are fine when there is no fish’.

After about a few minutes of flirting with her, I took a leap of faith and asked her if she wanted to go back with me.


We went to a budget hotel eventually and did the deed.

My subsequent clubbing experiences were pretty much similar to this, if I could not go back with a prettier girl which I hunted at 11pm and was left ‘hanging’ in the club, I would stay behind and take anyone that comes along.

That is when I know I have a 11pm mode and 2am mode.

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