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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


I [28M] don’t want to around my brother’s [26M] girlfriend [26F] because she constantly records everything for TikTok and also has a personality that I just don’t like, and it’s ruining my relationship with my brother


They have been dating, apparently they’re in love and I’m happy for him but personally I find her extremely annoying and I don’t like being around her, she’s extremely loud and has a lot of energy which isn’t surprising for her age and even though I don’t like it I don’t hold that against her.

However what I do hold against her is that she is some sort of TikTok influencer and records everything to turn into a TikTok, at dinner she took out her phone and was recording so I put my hand over my face and I said no recording please and instead of being respectful she just posted that with “my boyfriends older brother doesn’t like social media LOL”.

This is something that I take extremely seriously, I don’t want my face online and the only people that I’m ok taking photos or videos of me are my parents or grandparents because I know that it’s just for them and they’d never show anyone.

This is not the first time that she has done this and I feel like I don’t really have any options, if I respond appropriately and tell her to f off if she does that I am going to be posted online and made to look like a crazy person, even if she agrees I don’t trust her and I’m not going to have a nice time with my family if I am unsure whenever her phone is out, and I’m not going to tell her that she can’t bring her phone into my house or to a restaurant or wherever else because that’s insane and not my place to do.


The effective result of this is that I can’t hang out with my brother because I cannot go to his house and I cannot invite him over or to a restaurant, bar etc because I feel very awkward saying that I want him to come but his girlfriend that he lives with is not welcome.

He texted me today and said that he doesn’t know what he did to make me angry at him because he knows that I had people over and quite a large party for my best friend’s birthday last night and didn’t invite him and I’ve been making excuses not to hang out with him for the last couple of months.

That almost makes me want to cry because I love my brother a lot but I don’t really know what to say, it’s pointless for me to say exactly what I’ve said here because it won’t do anything, he’s not going to mess up his relationship for me — and I wouldn’t want him to — by excluding his girlfriend, all that he’s going to say is that he will talk to her and that I should give her another chance, but honestly I don’t want to give her another chance, her personality isn’t for me, I don’t like being around her and I don’t want to waste my limited amount of free time with people that I don’t like being around so I will either say that and nothing will be achieved aside from maybe an argument or I’ll feel guilty and say “ok” and be right back in this position

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