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4232342234234423I have never raised funds for myself or for anyone but I would like to make an exception and urge my friends to open your wallets to help my dear friend whom I regard as my brother, Arjuna Miguel Benjamin

Ben is diabetic and in April he went for surgery to amputate a toe that had turned gangrenous but unfortunately the infection was too strong and spread to his entire foot so in August he had to amputate his foot from below the knee and now he is left with a stump. He has to foot out a lot of money for his medical bills and he is unable to work presently as he is still recovering. Now it appears that the infection has spread to his other foot and he may need to amputate it too.

To make matters worse, his wife has a congenital heart condition which may lead to premature death. Ben has 2 young children aged 6 and 9 and he has 4 step-children from his wife’s previous marriage. He actually had some money set aside but his friend of 16 years, Kenneth Low, cheated him of the money and went into hiding. He is trying to sell his house in Philippines to raise money but so far there have not been any buyers. In the meantime he has hungry mouths to feed and he cannot work in his present condition. I would like to stress that Ben is a Singaporean and he is in The Philippines because he is married to a Pinoy and he is there on a long term spousal visa. I am attaching a screenshot of his passport as proof.

Many of us know Ben and he really needs us now. I urge my friends to open their hearts and wallets and donate generously to him in his time of need. He is really desperate now or he would not have resorted to crowdfunding so please help. You can transfer the money to his POSB Savings account 118-53563-4 or you can send the money via Western Union to Teresita Arandez Alvarez (Ben’s wife). Her cellphone number is 09667182661 and their address is #42 Backside Street Barangay Vergara Mandaluyong City Metro Manila Zip 1551. It would be easiest to transfer the money directly to his POSB account. Please send any receipts to Ben so he can thank you personally.

I am attaching some photos to show you his ordeal. Please note that the images are graphic. I will also post pictures of his medical bills. I am also attaching pictures of his bank statement to prove that Ben is the account holder of the POSB account.

Ben has stopped receiving medical treatment now as he cannot afford to pay. The infection is spreading to his other leg. As you can see from the photo the big toe on the left seems to be oozing pus. I hope to be able to raise about $7000 for now so that Ben can put some food on the table and can resume urgent medical treatment to save his remaining leg.

Thank you my dear friends for your help. Ben and his family will be indebted to you.

I have set this post to public so please feel free to share it.

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