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Friday, March 31, 2023


I noticed that so many people don’t study, but do better than the honest ones who study. So many people use emotions instead of logic, but somehow score very well academically.


So many people are far from the logic-loving robots without feelings, but end up doing so much better than those who use logic to replace feelings and study all the time. I always ask myself, how did they get there?

That one genius in my class who gets 100 or 99 for every single maths test never studies at all. When we are studying, she is watching movies on YouTube before exams. She’s the only one who cried when the teacher showed us a 911 documentary featuring orphans. She has feelings and empathy. She has EQ. And she still has the highest grades ever.

The other friend from secondary school until JC is ALWAYS shopping for makeup, clothes and accessories after school. She spends her weekends cafe hopping with her boyfriend. She said out loud once, “it’s really not the more you study the better you do you know. You can study hard but still don’t do well.” She got 8 distinctions (yes she took h3) for a levels, and 93/100 for her maths promos when 75% of the cohort failed. And yes, she spends 300 dollars a day just shopping at orchard, while I was using logic to replace emotions, and telling myself to be thrifty because it’s a “virtue”. She doesn’t. It’s feelings that drive her to spend on things she doesn’t need. Yet who scores higher? Her.

My 2 acquaintances from JC are a textbook example of MIRACLE. They spend their Jc Life dating, instead of focusing on studies. It’s again, emotions over logic. Them two can never save a single cent of allowance because as soon as they receive it, they spend it all on manicures and shopping sprees. Their wardrobes are jam packed with unnecessary stuff bought on IMPULSE, NOT LOGIC. and guess what? Both got straight A for A levels, and FIRST CLASS HONOURS in university. And they are in the science stream, which emphasises on critical and logical thinking. If they score well for literature or art I’m not surprised because it’s about people and feelings. But……How do they follow their heart and not their head, but do so much better in SCIENCE than us who study all the time?


And my best friends cousin defied everything we learn since young about a “good model student”. She clubs, drinks and vapes every week. She has about 4 tattoos and multiple piercings. She never, ever, uses logic to replace emotions to force herself to study. She follows her heart. She has EQ, the stuff that makes you love and connect with people. She had 4 boyfriends and 3 friends with benefits. And she got into deans list 5 times already, first class honours as well.

I’m quite sure there are a lot of people who just spend their time not studying. When we are studying, they are watching movies. When we are revising, they are shopping. When we logically listen to what primary school Teachers say about “hardwork” and “ thrift “, they are spending all their money without logic, easily filling their hands with shopping bag after shopping bag. When we are staying at home alone to study using IQ, they are connecting with boyfriends , dating, having sex, and exercising EQ.

How then do all these people get straight A including general paper(not Many can get A for that) , and A for science based subjects. Where did the first class honours come out from then?

I realised sadly that academic results are INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to how much you honestly work hard.

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