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Depressing storytime. You know how in school your teachers tell you that hard work is most important than intelligence?


I used to believe that until I got into uni.

My PSLE 100+ almost went NT but got into NA stream. A lot of my classmates are typical pai kia, smoke in toilet, don’t go school and fake MC, have S in school.

I’m the more guai type, study hard, attend all my class but just bad at study.

Maybe I stupid, idk, sometimes I see my other classmates sleep in class all day, never go school, never do homework but exam time results is same or better than me and it make me very angry, why I just cannot understand how to study??


My father kena fired that time, no money send me tuition but my teachers always offer help, give me extra tuition after school. My outside friends all also very help me, give me their school notes and past year exam papers. They all very smart, go atas school and express.

N level ok, O level not bad can go poly. At first want to challenge myself, purposely choose harder course. School alumni team even ask me go back talk to the NA NT tell them about my success into going poly.

Few months in results like s*** again, lecturer also advice me maybe this course not my calling, not suited for my skills so change to easy course, close both eye also can pass that kind. Again study very hard, go to all my lecture always ask question and after school mug until last bus home then go home.

Everyone told me I age a lot. My outside friends all also ask if I ok because I look like shit. No matter how hard I also pia because my family not rich, cannot afford change course then drop out, unlike my outside friends can go overseas do masters do this do that idw sound jealous but actually I quite jealous them.

Meet up with outside friends, all grad already, always talk about their work life, their job, marriage plan, BTO. I sit there like idiot because I 3 years behind everyone. They not purposely make me feel like shit, also give me a lot advice like do internship, do online course and build up CV all. Meanwhile I still over here studying like dog no time do internship or online course.


After mugging like for years, surprise surprise, average result. F! 90% my course mate don’t even go lecture, always ask me and others help take attendance, but still results come back half of them better than me. F**. Really F, IQ 0 EQ also 0.

Reaching 30 years old finally got 1 gf at 20+++ actually is I feel like I just anyhow settle for a gf because parents worried I gay or cannot get married so I shoot my shot with every girl. After that find out she also feel the same, just settle with me like I’m rebound because she just break up with her bf and want get back at him. We still in rs but sometimes feel like we just lonely together aiya that’s another story for another time.

Keep applying job, kena rejected by 99.999% company, only lanjiao insurance scammer give me call back. All the company tell me I no experience so cannot. Eventually bo bian settle for internship $800 a month while my outside friends working lawyer, doctor, banker all making 5-10 times more than me, probably even more.

How? Hard work? PUI! Hard work can put food on table? Can do well in school, get good job? Joke. I accepted already I just stupid. Think my big take away is the reason why is call “success story” because it almost never fucking happen.

Maybe make me better person? Can eat a lot of shit 吃苦大王 too bad in life king of eating shit get shit eating job and shit eating life.

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