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If height doesnt matter in a relationship, then it is all a lie.


I made a social experiment using 2 accounts on a dating app. Ceteris paribus, all conditions were the same: Education level, SES, age, etc. The only differences are height and look (For handicap purpose). One was 171cm with a nice face, and the other 180cm with a moh peng face.

The one with 171cm had only 2 matches, but interestingly, the taller one despite looking cui, had over 20 matches. I even tried different trials with Monte Carlo simulation, varying the height and looks each time and the results were pretty similar. Tall ugly was the favoured one.

If you take a closer observation around you, you will realise most young couples are at least 1 head difference in height, everywhere you go (Unless you as the observer is very tall, you wont notice this since everyone looks like a dwarf from your perspective).

Interestingly, the shorter girl will be with a guy who is around 180-190cm no matter if guy is good looking or ugly, even for short girls in the 150+ cm range. The shorter guys (160 to 175cm) are unfortunately at the bad end of the stick. You will see them alone most of the time, or jalan jalan with their parents.


What is ridiculous is taller males are favoured everywhere, even outside of dating. This is really detestable, really…

Here are what netizens think:

  • Sincerely speaking, most couples I saw walking on street in Jurong area, or at Jurong East Stn, they are not tall over the average at all. I don’t see much tall guys, like 180-185 cm in SG anyway.So…I guess other qualities of guys still attract girls in real life.Anyway…your experiment is interesting. It just shows that girls prefer tall guys–yes, the ideal type. Guys hv to be taller than us. But in real life, many guys think “money” talks louder than height . I read from this forum, not my assumption.How about you, you prefer short girl over tall girl? And finally when you find someone you love, you don’t even care about her height. Good luck bro
  • Your experiment is extremely flawed. You only see what you want to see.You based your entire perception that women only pick tall men from ONE dating site. What about relationships that bloom from friendship, school, workplace and other face to face or non face to face scenarios?In short, I guess you’re insecure about your height. Are you that sore, ego stricken short guy who posts here frequently?171 cm is average sg men height. I don’t see what you see at all. Men of all heights do get partnered up. If you’re single and assume it’s because of your height, look at your own post, the way you talk and think will you want to date a female version of yourself.
  • 1. You have 2 variables and arbritarily determined that one of the them is responsible for the attractiveness, presumably to make yourself feel better.
    2. Good looking is by your standards, which maybe is what the opposite side differs in opinion. Do you consider yourself good looking?
  • Hahaha. So from your findings and bitterness, we can conclude you are the short one la?
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