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So basically I sold a cheap gaming keyboard on carousell just so I could declutter my drawer, it was a 2-3 year old gaming keyboard that I previously used that had both wired/wireless connection.


Keep that in mind as that is very important

Found a buyer who disrespected me when there were some issues with the keyboard

So basically I listed this item on carousell and I got a buyer, lets call this person, X. So me and X agreed to meetup for X to collect and pay for the keyboard through cash.

Upon meeting him, he gave a very hostile feeling towards me and I felt uncomfortable, but of course I still had to explain how the wireless part of the keyboard worked.

So I went accordingly to what I supposedly remember on how to pair the keyboard. Also remember this, its a very important detail


Alright so when the deal was made, I went back to my house and was busy doing my business until I decided to open carousell to see if there was anyone else to buy my other listed items.

However I saw that there was a message on the top right icon, so I decided to open it.

Now this is where the problem begins: The first message I saw was “You sold me a defective kb that can’t pair!”

And I was okay, that was my mistake on my end, I had failed to explain it properly to my customer, however without even asking for help or assistance on how to use the keyboard properly, X immediately asked for a refund which says “Meet me at [LOCATION] in 30 minutes, I want my money back”.

Which got me really confused, X asked for a refund before trying to resolve the issue whether by themselves or with my assistance.


So in my head I was like “okay why not I use the video tutorial that I watched before on how to pair this keyboard”.

Okay so sent but I still felt bad and apologised to X saying “Sorry I did not explain it very clearly on how to pair the keyboard” and I also said “I had forgotten how to use the bluetooth version of it as I had always used the wired mode”. And I even added a message saying “My apologies”

Now this is where the real issue begins:

As I had previously mentioned above, I apologised not being able to explain it clearly on how to pair the keyboard with the laptop which I will admit is my mistake.

However, X sent a message saying “Apologies not gonna cut it. Still cannot connect to Bluetooth”. Now what I am getting from this message is that it is useless for me to apologise which of course I found it a little bit disappointing but the next message X sent me was “Just cuz you’re young doesn’t mean you can pull a fast one”.

Now that was really offensive, at this point I strongly belief that I am just getting taken advantage of, clearly at this point what I am understanding from this message is that since I am young, I can easily trick someone.

Now obviously after the apology and the tutorials I have sent X obviously were ignored by them as now X thinks I am tricking them into keeping my keyboard as well as me having the money.

So I was like okay, I just wanted to quickly resolve this issue and move on.

Now then the second part is also just as bad as the first:

Now remember that I mentioned that this was a wired/wireless keyboard? So I suggested to X that he should use the wired connection instead of the wireless connection because I thought that since they were having so much issue with wireless, why not just use wired connection, so I said “Ok then why not use wired connection?”


But I do not know which part of the listing ever said that this was a wireless keyboard ONLY.

But in their own interpretation of “Cheap Gaming Keyboard” which was the listing name, it was apparently wireless.

I do not know where in the world did they think that this was A WIRELESS keyboard but instead it could also be used by just connecting the usb-c plug into the port of the keyboard.

So he sent this “Because it’s a wireless kb and I WANT TO USE IT WIRELESS!”

Which honestly baffles me, it is not a wireless keyboard, it is a wired/wireless keyboard. Furthermore, this message just sounds rude towards me but in the next text “Don’t get smart with me”.

This text really set me off and pissed me off a lot, first I got age discriminated then now disrespected.

So in the end I did not want to deal with this problem anymore and decided to just refund it since even after sending 2 youtube tutorials which were really easy to understand, X still could not catch it and as well as being outright disrespectful towards me and my age.

I hope that this person learns from their mistake and takes this as a learning opportunity to stop being such a a-hole which is opposite of what the reviews say about them.

So in the end, what I am getting from X is that, if you are younger than them, you are probably going to be disrespected by X just because you are younger.

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