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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Simply just want to brag about my relationship.


As the title says, here I just want to brag about my relationship with my gf. I have bragged about this on different confession page before, but just wanna brag again cause why not.

I knew my gf since childhood days. We became bestfriend and have a great connection with each other. Confessed to her in 2008 (We were 10 years old back then) and she said yes cause she felt the same way. Happiest day of my life so far.

14 years of relationship and I’ll tell you this, we never have any unnecessary fights or argument at all. The only so called “arguments” we had are the really silly kind, like how do you pronounce “Data”? I usually say “Day-ta”, but she says “Daa-taa”. We “argued” over our opinions with laughter and teasing. So far, no serious dramatic fights at all. Cause we both have no time for drama when we can think about something more worthwhile like buying a house, traveling, career progression etc.

This is gonna sound impossible but we can go months not contacting each other and still be together and happy. This happened because she’s a medical student with busy schedule and I’m a software developer which requires me to concentrate a lot in my work nearly 24/7, additionally I was taking care of my sick parents a lot. One time we didn’t contact for 6 months all thanks to work. Now it’s reduced a lot to a week. Sometimes I’ll text or leave a voice note for her, and she’ll answer it back in few days or a week at least. I did the same if I’m busy. But here we are still together.


Now some of you might think she or I could’ve cheated all those months. She didn’t cause we also have an agreement, that if ever we fall out of love, or cheating, etc, just be honest straight away and break up. It’ll hurt but at least we can move on instead of playing unnecessary dramatic games with each other. We have transparency. I’ll tell her everything and she does the same.

Some of you also will think “Fighting in a relationship will make the bond between couples stronger”. I’m not denying it, but however, we are not a fan of fighting for no reason. Imagine going through unnecessary fights everyday when it all can be solved with logical thinking.

She has always been understanding. She was always there for me as I was always there for her. We laughed together, cried together when life hits us hard (like losing a home, pet loss, etc). I came from nothing, and she came from an abusive household. But here we made each other happy. We just want to make each other happy no matter what.

Now, here I’m going to compare my relationship to a lot of you and for once be immature. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever relate to a lot of you people. All I see from other relationships, is that you people tend to be extremely dramatic.

  • Didn’t wish good morning also fight
  • Guy has female friends also fight
  • Girl has guy friends also fight
  • Cheating on each other
  • Always demand but never give
  • Stayed with an obvious toxic partner
  • Stayed because you scared of loneliness

In other words, lots of y’all are never thinking ahead of your future and just behaving like a child. And I find it to be very pathetic and funny. Not sorry at all but I can’t help feeling superior


Y’all can have the type of relationship I’m having, but y’all are waaaaaaaaay too immature

Here’s the hard truth, you people are addicted to drama, that’s why. That’s why when things went so great, you people tend to think “what kind of fight should I pick with him/her” hahahhaha. You people have it so good but you people are so immature to handle happiness. You people have the privilege to feel “bored” of happiness. Of course that’s cause you people are just in a relationship for fun or cause you’re afraid to be alone. You don’t even think about your future at all

And then you people complain about not being happy with anyone hahahahha

Here’s my advice, start thinking with logic more than feelings. Apply more action and have more understanding.

Think about your future more. A lot of unnecessary fights can be avoided. Trust me on this.

Welp, that’s all for my bragging. Just felt extremely superior compared to lots of you people, and I earned this feeling

Ever study so hard while your friends are screwing around, and you got the highest score while your friends didn’t even come close to your score? Should you feel bad for your friends then? Of course not, they were screwing around. my point is that it’s the same exact feeling I have comparing my relationship to you people. Therefore I earned the right to feel superior for once

That’ll be all people. Have a nice day and start using your brain more than your heart

Editor’s note: Really happy for you bro! Here’s wishing you and your imaginary girlfriend a lifetime of bliss and happiness!

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