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Hi everyone, I would like to share my unpleasant experience at this workshop as seen above in picture 1, Chin Kang Motorcycle Workshop. The timeline of incidents that happened is as follows.


On 23rd February, I visited the workshop to get the headlight of my bike fixed. They told me the bulb was $15, I paid and got it fixed. The night after I went to get my headlight fixed, I realised the horn for my bike which was working fine the whole time before I went to fix the headlight, wasn’t working anymore. I didn’t have time to visit the workshop again in the near date so I left it be for the time being. However after 2 weeks (10th March), the light couldn’t work again and I certainly don’t believe a new bulb can only last for such a short time.

So I went back to the workshop again on 10th March to get it checked out. The staff at the workshop said they are also unsure of why this has happened and said that the light wasn’t working as it had lost connection and maybe the horn wasn’t working because the wire inside was broken. They helped me to fix the light by connecting back the wires but for the problem with my horn they were just blind guessing instead of properly checking it for me.

At this point I don’t trust them with my bike anymore as I felt like the attitude they were giving me was just trying to brush me off. So I decided I will go get my bike fixed at another workshop instead and left.

But just after leaving the workshop for less than 5mins, the entire outer cover of my bike flew out when I was riding on the road (picture 2), so of course I went back to ask what was going on. The staff there kept pushing the responsibility and said he did not touch that part of my bike and it’s not possible that he’s responsible for it falling out. How is it possible that this has never happened to me before for more than a year of riding my bike but everything started to fall apart after I visited the workshop?


To add on, BOTH times I went, 23rd February and 10th March, when I left the workshop, I notice the front cover wasn’t aligned properly at all when they tightened it to screw back (as shown in picture 3).

When they took out the cover to fix my headlight they were really rough with it and they just threw it aside on the floor.

Also, both times after leaving the workshop my side mirror folded back / shifted when I was riding on the road because they did not tighten it for me properly as well.

As of today 17th March, 1 week after I last visited the workshop, the light spoilt again.

I did try to write in and contact the “boss” with the number the staff there provided me with. I contacted said boss on 10th March and wanted to explain the situation to him properly but he did not reply me at all (picture 4). So I am resulting to writing here to spread awareness for people to avoid this workshop. I went to fix my bike’s problems but I left with even more problems. Personally I feel like as a businessman they should at least have more sense of responsibility and have better customer service than this.


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