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This story here is about my ex-Vietnam wife. Although its not thai but I believe no matter what nationality it maybe. I think its good to share my experience with you guys.


* I flew 16 times a year to vietnam according to my passport*

Back in 2015 I got to know my ex wife from a Vietnam tiu in town, at first we didn’t really talk much when she was working here in Singapore, we only communicated and start talking when she went back to Vietnam.

The more we talk , the more I fell for her. So in Dec 2015 I decided to fly there over the Christmas holiday and over the new year. During my stay there we didnt had any s_xual contact at all. Its more like a genuine meet and get to know her even more and met her family and friends.

In 2016, CNY came and I decided to fly to Bangkok with her because during that period it was also my birthday, We met up in Bangkok and had our holiday for 8 days and we did everything a couple should do we even had H2H talk over the days we had there and I felt that she was the one for me.


After Bangkok, I came back to Singapore and 2 weeks later I flew over to Vietnam to visit her family and spend time with her and her friends over a week.

In April , I brought her to Guangzhou as I had a business conference there for 9 days. so we decided that we should get married and we both were happy about it and all. But than she want to get married in October. which I felt it was kinda fast. But for the sake of her happiness I’m willing to do anything to make her happy because she was like my happy pill. She wants what she also have. She want iWatch , next moment she has it , she wants to go resort in Port Dickson, Next moment book and we are on our way there.

So moving things forward, we booked our wedding venue at a 5* star international hotel in the city area. As you know for Vietnamese, if got wedding at hotel means sibeh hoseh liao. Wanted to give her the best and all.

Everything Changes after the wedding…..

When I went back to Singapore, she became more secretive and I felt that she wasn’t completely honest as well. There’s one time she told me she wants to go and sleep early at 11pm, but I find it very weird because everytime when I was in Vietnam with her, she doesn’t sleep so early and all but benefit of doubt, I let her go sleep. but than again, I sense something not right.

So I called her brother and he video call me when I asked if she was at home, I didnt see her at home when I video called the brother. I tried reaching her on the phone, she didnt picked up at all. Only around 6am in the morning she called me back and scolded me, because I DISTURBED her sleep. I told her that if she insisted that she is right than so be it, go ahead. later that day , she called me and apologize to me, but being always the soft person , I forgave her and tell her not to do it again.


This happen not only once ,twice. But many times. We frequent quarrel as she was hiding something behind. So in 2017 Feb we went to Bangkok again for celebrate my birthday as I want to put the quarrels behind and let her relive the memories we had when we first met. Instead she was always sticking her face to her phone and messaging her “friend”.

We had a huge argument over her “friend”. Apparently, this “Friend” its a guy which I found out. So after the huge argument, I told her ” FINE , benefit of doubt , I BELIEVE YOU.”

Along the trip, I realized that she buy MAN clothing when we are shopping, and when I asked her she told me its for her brother. She bought L Size when the brother only can wear S size. Definitely its for that “Friend” of hers.

So finally the trip ended and she went back to Vietnam. After 2 weeks, she flew to Singapore and suppose to stay here for 3weeks with me as I’m applying for her Long Term Pass for her. Instead, she tells me that she needs to go back to Vietnam after 1 week.. I told that she come here to learn our culture and also spend time with my parents. If not what my parents will think of you ? Yet again , I let her leave Singapore and she went back and I never saw her again.

When she went back to Vietnam , she quarreled with me and she thinks that I don’t understand her and giving all the bullsh*t. So she told me she need to reconsider this marriage. WTF is she talking 


I honestly was abit lost. So she just left me like that and disappear. I was in total shock and depressed. How could my wife do this to me 

 After a few months, she will email me asking me how am i and all. I just said that have she ever spare a thought for my feeling or not. Than she just disappear again.

For many months, its a mystery to me why she left and she just disappear on me. I was very eager to found out the answer, but i never knew the answer only recently when a friend of mine knows her. She was apparently pregnant with the “Friend” AKA Scandal. After much calculation and backdate , its true and it cannot be mine.

At first, i was very furious and angry that after so 7 months when she disappeared on me, she was actually pregnant and carrying the other guy’s child. But then, whats the point of being angry right ? life still have to carry one. Its just a lesson we have learn.

You can say I’m stupid and give every single thing she asked for. Its all out of love and was blinded by it .
Well, i made a lot of sacrifices for her but was left unappreciated. I sold of my hobby car as it was underutilized to have extra funds to pay for wedding hotel and wedding photoshoots total amount nearly $30k SGD. I was so stupid to put may work aside just because of her. In the end, business went down.


After she left, i struggled and tried to pull myself up again, starting my own business and also trying to put away the emotional scar left by her.

It was one hell of a rollercoaster but still … without her , i wouldn’t be where i am today.

A very expensive and heavy lesson that i have learned over this relationship. I hope that this can relate to anyone be it dating TG , Kimchi , and the list goes on . .

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