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There have been many instances of people physically chope-ing parking lots with their bodies in carparks, and it seems that ugly act has reared its head once again.


The latest chope-ing incident happened on 22 March at a parking space along Sixth Avenue and Anamalai Avenue, and was captured on a driver’s dashcam, who shared the incident on TikTok.

A man wearing a red shirt and a pair of shorts, was seen holding onto a drink and sipping from it casually as he stood inside a parking lot.

As the driver reverses his car into the vacant parking lot, the man remained rooted and stubbornly refused to budge even when the car was getting closer to him/

The driver then emerges and the man then told him that “I’m chope-ing the lot for my friend, he’s right there” as he points to the vehicle behind the driver.


The driver couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he told the man “are you serious? my goodness…” before getting back into his car and driving off, incredulous at what just happened.

Netizens’ comments

  1. Whose shameless son,bf,husband or employee is this…pls claim him back .. A disgrace to whoever is related to him.. All of them must be proud to have him on video..pui.. sohai..
  2. This is a carpark only for car and it’s not for people occupied car park. First come first serve for car 
  3. I will just park halfway inside the lot n juz chill there.see who has more patience
  4. U dnt drive off he wait u wait also until jam all road his friends also cnt park
  5. I will just stop halfway & off engine.. Blocked the lane till police called in.. See who will blink first.
  6. Next time all don’t move till enforcer come n settle. If can chope like that, I go around n collect unwanted bicycle and chope, collect $10 each time, sure rich in a month. Haha!
  7. When did this co called chope parking lot started sia?? Knn why recently ppl started doing as if they own the parking lot. Hello it belongs to LTA or URA.
  8. This 1 no need pang chance one. Get down, move yes or no? No then call 999 and proceed engine off and he’ll move off automatically
    Dont care about ur surrounding cars. U see bukit timah video thats the right of way of act
  9. It’s an offence to obstruct a parking lot under the Parking Places Rules of the Parking Places Act.
    So, if next time anyone of you encounter similar incident, don’t just drive off. First make sure your recording is on, and then proceed to inform the mofow that it is an offence to stand in the lot and block it, and that if he does not move away, you will have to call the police.
    If mofow still does not comply, just proceed to dial 999. It is absolutely legit. There is no need to fight or argue with them. Just wait for the police and let them do the job.

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