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I just started a new job in an SME. In my department I have only one colleague, A, whom I partly share workload with. However, A is very antisocial person. She seems to hate her job a lot and never talks to other people. In fact, she seems to dislike working with our other colleagues. A speaks with a very dead and borderline aggressive voice, it seems like she really hates coming to work.


There was once a colleague approached A to clarify something, and A let out an audible sigh. That colleague came to ask me if A and I fought or anything but I told our colleague it was normal coming from A. A occassionally lets out her anger by slamming files onto her table while reaarranging them etc, and it kind of scares me.

I am also left out of email chains by her. There was once she went on leave without giving me the necessary documents to cover for her, even though our job scope both covers that area. That caused me to be reprimanded by my superior when I couldn’t pass him the info he wanted.

For me, I feel that there are many things that I can contribute to and improve in my department. I am passionate about my job and look forward to work. However, A’s attitude is a problem as whatever suggestion I make needs to have A’s support too, so I am stuck with doing things in the same lacklustre manner.

How should I communicate to A or my superior about this to improve the situation?


Here are what netizens think:

  • Simple. Work hard to show the boss that you can take over the little department. Bosses know A’s problem and waiting for someone to takeover her. Her days will be numbered if you are able to takeover her.
  • My suggestion is to draw lines on her work n yours. Make a clear distinction that your superior can see. If ever questioned why. U can justify by asking them to compare the work quality of hers and yours. Tell whoever asking, its not your responsibility to make her give a better quality work but it is your responsibility to the company to give your best. On the other hand, u do not want your work to be mistaken for hers or hers for yours as this will most definitely affect your KPI, bonus or promotion.
  • Suggest that you talk to your RO about it before it starts to affect your performance. You may not be able to use this to point finger at your colleague for your poor performance/mistake later on, which in 1st place, your RO expected you to deal with it before sh*t happened.
  • You should quit SME and join MNC. If I no choice but to join SME, I think I will hate to work just like your colleague.
  • Ask her out for a drink or lunch then talk to her first…..if doesn’t work, talk to your boss
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