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My advice to all young gentlemen out there


Don’t get married. Yep. I said it. DO NOT GET MARRIED. It’s a scam that’s so normalized that nobody even realizes it’s a scam.

I mean it. And I am not some bitter old man. On the surface I appear to be a moderately successful professional married to another (seemingly) successful white collar professional, and let me tell u… I am miserable af.

Marriage is basically like doing half the household chores like a housemate (nowadays the girls all want to split household chores), and yet you’ll be paying for everything, fetching her around like a taxi driver, carrying her shopping bags, and whole be busy helping somebody’s dustyass daughter run errands.

God only knows why I signed up for this S**show. My life would probably have been a lot better if I didn’t get married and remained single.


Don’t just take my word for it. ALL of my married gentlemen friends regret getting married and none of them would want to get married again if they could turn back the clock.

Some of them are now divorced, and still having to co-parent with a shitty ass girl who’s out to make their lives miserable & on top of that are horrible shitty mothers.

Most girls nowadays aren’t looking for a husband. They just want a new daddy who can pamper them like princesses. Bonus if the new daddy is good-looking and/ or has a nice body they can get whacked by at night. That’s all they’re after.

I’ve no doubt that the comments will be filled with these pathetic woman-children whining about how women bring nothing to the table.

We are the whole dining room set from IKEA, b*tch. We make our own money, we buy our own, we can cook our own meals and we can make ourselves cum better than u ever can.


What do *YOU* bring to the table, besides a bland AF personality (hehe bubble tea is my personality, I love K-pop uwu), zero dress sense (let me guess- your whole wardrobe is from Taobao & Charles and Keith), average paycheck ($3-5k LOL) and average boobs (A/B LOL)?

So pls for the love of God, gentlemen don’t get married. Listen to me. Don’t make the same shitty mistake I and along with so many other ladies made. You’ll thank me in the future when you watch all your other friends get married and then divorced.

And the G wonders why the marriage and birth rate are dropping year after year. Look at the quality of the guys. Totally CMI.

The gentlemen have been stepping up and most of us are doing household chores and cooking great food, contributing to the household; as compared to our parents generation.

But women? Can’t even fry an egg to save her own life, and have to rely on grab to order every dinner. Yet every expense don’t wanna pay. Hard pass.

If you’re already engaged it’s not too late. Call it off. I don’t care if you’ll lose money. Better to lose money than your time. It’s also much worse and much more expensive to get a divorce.

If you’re dating, just date her for fun. Date her yo satisfy your own needs and for companionship, but focus on your own career and yourself. Don’t need to get too serious. Treat her as a fun hobby. Nothing more. No need to legally bind yourself to one person. Women’s charter isn’t funny.

And if she’s not treating u like an absolute king while you’re dating, PLS don’t waste your time. She’s not going to step her game up after marriage. If she’s not at least a 9.5/10 during courtship, don’t bother. It’s only downhill from there. If she’s only a 5-6 now, he will be a 1-2 after marriage. Confirm plus chop. Don’t say nobody tried to warn u.

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