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Sunday, October 2, 2022


I guess this is kinda a rant/advice post?


I’m really lost right now. I’m currently a fresh poly grad whos looking to go to an overseas university for my Bsc Hons.

I wasn’t able to get in a course I liked in a local uni. Also, I’m not a Singaporean so whether or not I study here or abroad is pretty much the same cost for me.

My dad is a Grab driver and my mom isn’t around at the moment. After going to the bank to get a study loan, my dad was found to be ineligible to sign as my guarantor as he doesn’t earn much. Apparently for the overseas loan which I am enquiring for requires someone earning at least $7k-$8k/month to sign as my guarantor.

During my poly studies, I’ve worked 2-3 jobs to support my family financially and to keep a roof over our heads. I manage to earn more than my dad and honestly, I was able to make ends meet with a sufficient amount in savings. But now, the stuggle to get a loan dropped like a bomb on me. I’m really starting to feel that no matter how hard I work, I’m always going to have financial problems. Because i was so work oriented during my poly years, I don’t have much time for friends.. so now, I’m really struggling to find someone who earns $7-8k/month to sign as my guarantor and get this study loan for me as I dont have any other Singaporean/PR relatives here in Singapore.


Taking a gap year is an option, but I would really want to get my studies over and done with quick so that I can fully focus on my career afterwards. Also, even if i were to take a gap year, I still wont be able to save up enough for my further studies any time soon so I’ll end up needing a bank loan anyways. The uni course offer is quite a good offer as well.. it’s one of the top 8 universities in the UK and with my poly grades, I am able to cut in as a Year 2 student for this 3 years course. (So overall a 2 year duration of studies for me, and for hons, so I really dont want to let this opportunity slip)

Sucks to be poor i guess.

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