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Friday, March 31, 2023


Falling for someone you shouldn’t.


After my last relationship ended 3 years ago, i told myself this was it, i want to go out and meet someone new. I could have picked a better alternative however.

Texted my mates if they were down for clubbing but they told me to go to sg’s famous commitment-less “happy” spot.

First time to Geylang

It was my first time to geylang and it was on a weekend so I didn’t have much choices around here. I went with a few of my mates and were introduced to different houses with different girls.

None really caught my eye because I’m pretty much here to accompany my mates rather than getting myself laid. No discrimination to the workers, they are also just doing their jobs. I just don’t feel like it.


While my mates were getting their junk pumped, i walked around casually until i was approached by a pimp.

He told me he has the best girls around here(pretty sure that’s what he told all his customers anyway) and reeled me into his house to “look see look see” “don’t like don’t take” and so I stepped into his house with curiosity.

A ‘chicken’ caught my eye

I peeked around until i saw her, T. Not her ‘neh neh’, but her. T.

She was smiling at me while the others were waving and asking me to “f” them. Not T. She was just sitting there and smiling at me. I was sold. Paid the pimp and was led into the room. That’s where it all began. I’m sure no guys has ever done this on their visit to geylang.

In the room, just as she was about to start stripping, i told her, I don’t want any service. Let’s just chat. She was caught off. She was like “chat? Talk? No seks?” No, no seks. Just talk as I assured her.


You could immediately see the relief on her face. She told me to lay beside her, i did. We exchanged simple details, and i ask her if she’s tired? She doesn’t seem to understand english so she pulled out her phone for google translate.

And yes she is exhausted. Then I told her, sleep. Yes i paid for her to rest. Pathetic i know. But I don’t feel a pinch, in fact i put her to sleep. I slowly caress her hair, and she was enjoying it.

She put her hand on me, rubbing my face. I was just staring at her while she slept, and she slept like a doll. Maybe she was comfortable with me, i felt that she wasn’t protective against me.

I held her hand, and whispered that everything’s going to be okay. I’m not sure if she understands me. At this point I don’t know what I’m doing, maybe i miss my ex too much idk.

She slept through our entire session in my arms. Time’s up, i woke her and told her that i have to go. She thanked me profusely and kissed me on both my cheeks. She then reached out for a hug, and i kissed her softly on her forehead. If anyone’s still reading up to this point you might be thinking that I’m bullshitting because no sane dudes would pay to just sleep beside a girl.

Maybe I’m just pathetic like that. I asked her if i was her last customer for the night and she said maybe one more maybe not. I snuck her a $50 note and she looked at me with those eyes, i cannot resists please don’t do that. And we parted ways.

Might have been the only one to do what I did

My mates caught me walking out of the house and they assumed i had “fun”, not until i told them about my experience with T that all they told me i might be the only customer to have ever done that.

Everyone came here to have fun, and so i did. I had fun. Just a different kind of fun. I miss T. I kinda want to see her again but it’s an expensive hobby to do so.

I’m leaving for Perth in a couple day’s time and i really hope before i go, i can catch a glimpse of T, just once more.

T, i know you won’t be seeing this here, but you’ve just been extraordinary even though it was short lived. I thank you too for just being right beside me. May you find your true happiness in time to come. You’ve made my night truly amazing. Thank you T. I’ll always remember you

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