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Friday, January 27, 2023


I am in love with two women and I want to marry both of them.


Now please before you judge me for possibly cheating on both of them well it’s kinda complicated. So it all started when I met my first girlfriend let’s call her Cay (name changed for privacy purposes)

we dated for close to 2 years on and off before she completely blocked me out of nowhere

after she blocked me, I waited for her to respond. days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and almost 8 months went, and during that time I started dating my second girlfriend let’s call her Mel (her name also changed) and honestly I was happy to finally found love again after my heart got shattered pretty much when Cay blocked me.

While I was dating Mel (5+ months since I started dating Mel) suddenly one day I got a ping on my social media there was a message from Cay.


she proceed by saying sorry that she blocked me out of nowhere then she told me why she blocked me. I got to know her family was not happy with me dating her so she had to block me.

Well I had mixed emotions when I finally did receive a message from Cay. Since now I was dating Mel I politely told her that I am dating someone else now.

She accepted the fact that I have found love again and we can’t be together. But I guess faith had other plans for me.

Months following this conversation my life took a bit of a turmoil in regards to my relationship with Mel we started arguing a lot mainly because I wanted to settle down with her and she was not ready for that.

Honestly I watited for 1 year + just to give her time to think but to my dismay she was still not ready to get settle down with me.


I finally told Mel that I need a break it’s not working out. A month after I broke up with Mel I felt like texting Cay asking what she is up to.

She was excited to see my message she quickly replied to my message she also confessed that she tried dating some people but she always had deep feelings for me so those other relationships never really worked out for her so she asked me to rekindle our relationship.

As I had the same feelings towards Cay and I recently broke off with Mel I had no reason not to get back with Cay I was honestly happy knowing that Cay still had deep feelings for me we started dating again.

Between June and August I got a text from Mel asking how I am I told her as usual that I am fine also told her that I really wanted to settle down with her.

She told me she wasn’t ready and still isn’t ready to settle down with anyone. I respected her decisions and ended that conversation there.

While I got back with Cay I was frequently getting texts from Mel as well even though she wasn’t ready to settle down she told me she loved me and she wanted us to get back together, although I should have said no since I was with Cay, but I said yes instead since I too had feelings for Mel.

and from then point on I am dating both Mel and Cay.

Well I honestly love both of them and I never had the courage to tell them about this mainly because I always thought this would break their heart.

Now years later I have gotten so further in the relationship with both of them that I feel like marrying both of them.

I know this means telling them about me dating both of them but I am willing to take this risk before I regret not taking it.


I understand that It might lead to them breaking up with me but I still feel like now it’s time they should know.

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