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I was at West Coast park ytd with my mum, who is 60 with a recovering ankle injury hence she will need to walk slowly, and my 89 year old granddad in a wheelchair.


I was casually pushing my granddad along the path at the entrance of West Coast Park when we suddenly heard someone yelling from behind.

“ Move away stupid ! “

So we both turned and this Vietnamese lady who was pushing her kid in a stroller and her husband started to “shoo us away” and proceeded to point to me my mum and my granddad and said “ One two three take so many space I can’t even move. Since traffic light you take so many space” (she wasn’t at the traffic light with us only a couple of other Singaporeans and their kids)

My mum looked at her and said ,” We are standing on the left, you could say was excuse me and we would have moved instead of yelling like that”


She didn’t take it well and started yelling at my mum saying that she is not a good person and she don’t want to say excuse me and that we should give her the way. Her husband, whom I think can’t speak a single weird of English except quiet quiet, was nonchalant to everything. I kinda knew then that she akin to a Vietnamese Karen and told my mum to just ignore. The lady continued to walk on our right (irony as she is now blocking everyone else) and kept yelling at my mum and threatening her saying “ AUNTIE AUNTIE YOU OLD I CALL YOU AUNTIE YOU DONT LIKE IS IT HUH YOU DONT LIKE”

So I went up to her and said ,” We already moved if you’re going to continue behaving this way, I’ll have to call the police cause you’re threatening someone and my granddad looks frightened of your behaviour”

She responded by saying ,” Go call go go call you Singaporeans little bit call police”

I then started to discreetly video record the conversation on my phone (to prevent any allegations) and I think the husband took notice and restrained the wife and they both walked away from us. She took a photo of us and well, I did the same but oh well.

What would you have done? I’m not one who believes in confrontation and would just ignore but my mum feels that it isn’t right for a foreigner to yell at someone like that.


Also while they were cursing at my mum, everyone just looked and one Malay uncle even came up and said to us “You wanna fight go home and fight”, which scares me cause what if my mum was alone with my granddad and she was confronted that way.

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