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Know anyone who has won toto or 4d big prize?


Hey guys so was reading about the recent 13m toto win. I’m very curious to hear from people who have actually won or directly know someone who won.

In the 30 years I’ve play most I have ever won is $200. So really curious if there are actual winners walking in our midst.

The other part is how did this money change their life (hopefully for the better).

Netizens’ comments

  1. One family member won 500k, gambled it back in a year. Only change to life was the new fridge his wife made him buy. At least now got ice maker
  2. One of my uncles, won 2m+. Has always been a super frugal guy and still is. Dint succumb to lifestyle creep, still works his normal job cause he says retire so early also nothing to do lol. Apart from the normal monthly dinners which he now always pays for, nothing much has changed. You wouldn’t know he is a millionaire from the way he dresses and the car he drives.
  3. I bought a ticket from an auntie selling tickets at a hawker.
    I won 1000 dollars. Paid for my trip to Thailand.
    I never saw auntie again after that I would have bought her something nice. I like to think that she won millions that day and is now relaxing somewhere.
  4. My grandfather passed away when my father was 18. Shortly after, my father won 4D, first prize. The prize money paid for the funeral, tomb stone, and help them tide through the difficult period because my grandmother was a housewife and he has younger siblings still in school.
    Fast forward 50 years, he still talks about how 4D saved his live.
  5. My friend’s dad won 700k from 4D iirc, but he gave away a lot to family/relatives etc so not much was left after. We were only in secondary school/poly that time and my friend received I think around 10-15k from her dad from that windfall?
    Also worth noting that he usually spends a lot on the bets so the 700k win compared to the amount he spent accumulated over the years might not be a lot….
    I also had relatives who won 4d one of the top 3 prizes here and there, not life-altering amounts but enough for them to treat the entire extended fam (at least 50 pax) to a meal at a restaurant.
  6. One of my men won 200-300k on 4D during NS.
    Just enabled him to finance his conviction to keep buying after that. He would buy like 200 big 200 small for every draw.
    Never hear of him winning anything for the rest of NS. Figured he must have returned his winnings to Singapore Pools by now.
  7. Family member won 200k and lost it all on penny stocks :/
  8. My dad won 4D first prize over 30 years ago. It was quite memorable. He always buys the same number (our old family car). On the day, my relatives came over for our regular family dinner and everyone wanted to check 4D before dining. We switched on the old teletext (??) and found out that my dad had struck first prize. At this point, he wasn’t home from work yet. So everyone hatched a plan to act blur.
    We kids were excited and we were warned not to spoil the surprise. Dad came home and my mum casually mentioned that everyone should check 4D before having dinner. Everyone played their roles and took out their tickets. But we were ALL just watching him and smiling at one another.
    He looked at the ticket, looked at the screen, looked at the ticket, walked up to the TV, and looked at his ticket one last time. I think he yelped. That sheer joy. Everyone laughed, clapped and teased him. He was deliriously happy. What’s that saying? Shared joy is twice the joy?
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