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My fiancé cheated on me with my father.


Me 27m, fiancé 26f call her L, my father 52m call him B, my mother 50f call her R. Like many who’ve had something like this happen I never thought something like this would happen to me but here we are. I’ll try and be as clear and precise as I can, but it’s only been a week so if I start to lose it during the telling of this, I’m sorry.

L and I met in her freshman year. We later found out we lived near each other and used to go home together. After hanging out at school we started to date. I have a close-knit family as did she, so we told our families right away I had met hers plenty of times when dropping her off, but it was nothing more than an introduction and exchanging pleasantries.

Both of our families accepted each other with open arms and our relationship grew. I was a year ahead of her so when I graduated, I went home where I was offered a good job with great pay.

I visited her at school whenever I got the chance and whenever she came home, we would make time for each other. After she graduated, like me she was offered a position at the company she works at now with great pay. After living together for about three years I proposed, and we have been planning our wedding since. Now onto the part you are all reading for.


Looking back there was plenty of things I overlooked that I just wrote off thinking my father was just trying to welcome my ex into our family. Things like my father calling her all the time and if I was around, they would just tell me they were talking about the upcoming family party or something along those lines.

One time L was in the shower and her phone rang I seen it was my dad, so I answered when he realized it was me, he sounded both upset and surprised that I picked up I then asked what’s up he responded that he wanted to talk to L about my mother’s birthday that was in a week and after a minute we ended the call. Even typing this out now I feel like an idiot for not seeing it sooner.

On the day I found out it was like any other day, L had Thursdays off, so she made breakfast for both of us. When I set out for work, she gave me a kiss and told me to have a great day. During my drive to work I realized I had forgotten some paperwork I would need for a meeting I had at 3pm. I shrugged it off and told myself I would just go home at lunch to get it.

L texted me throughout the day talking about all the casual stuff a couple talks about like what do you want for dinner, I did the laundry do you want me to hang it up for you blah blah blah. I didn’t think it necessary to text her I was coming home for lunch so when it came around, I just left work and went home.

When I got home, I opened the door, I was met with a scene out of a movie where a man comes home early and catches his spouse cheating such a cliche.


There was the sound of faint moans echoed through my apartment. I stood at the door in utter shock my brain was a mix of rage, sadness and disgust but if you were a fly on my wall, you would see what looked like a statue I just couldn’t move.

When I finally snapped too, not knowing how much time had passed, I took out my phone to record, I picked up all the clothes that were on the floor and threw them out. After, I filmed the walk to my bedroom, the door was open I stood in the doorway filming for about a minute then flipped on the lights.

They both jumped at the sudden light and looked at me and to my utter shock it was my father in the bed with her, after the initial stun my father noticed I was recording and started to panic trying to find anything to cover himself and telling me to stop recording.

He found a towel and wrapped it around himself and started to walk toward me, I told him if you don’t want to get hurt stop coming to me, he either didn’t care or didn’t hear me and reached for my phone.

I hit him square on the jaw his head bounced off the door and slumped to the ground. L shrieked I aimed the camera at L and said concerned about your fbuddy but nothing to say to your fiancé?

My father woke up after about a minute nap and I told them I just needed to come pick something up for work so I’m heading back now if either of you are here when I get back, I’ll send this video to everyone you know.

I ended the video looked at my dad who was still coming to and said you’re dead to me you’re no longer my father, but you might want to go home and talk to mum because I’ll be talking to her very soon.

one of the bosses at work called to ask where I was, I told her I was on my way back right now. When I got to her office to hand her the paperwork, I must have looked awful because she started asking what was wrong with me. I told her it was nothing and I’d be okay.

I could see her scanning me up and down and she noticed some blood on my collar and stood up rushed to me and said your bleeding. I looked down and said it was my fathers, she looked confused, so I pulled out my phone and showed her the video.

She watched it in it’s entirety she was introduced to L a few times but never my father. She sat there silent for a moment until it finally clicked that my fiancé was cheating on me but not only was she cheating, it was with my father.


She asked if there was anything she could do suggesting I take some time off, but I told her I can’t go back there right now. That I just need a minute and I’d be fine for the meeting, and I have another shirt in my office. The meeting went over fine I put on a smile for everyone like nothing had happened.

My boss came up to me after the meeting and asked how I could do that, but I just said I don’t know and went to my office. I then came home, and I was alone for the first time in a very long time.

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