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Leading a double life.


I’m going to get bashed for this post…but here goes.

Got wooed by one of my bosses 20 years older than me

Been in this relationship since 2016 or millennials call it Situationship these days. We met at work, he’s one of the shareholders and I’m just a OL.

He was in his early 40s and me in my late 20s. He’s “unhappily” married (as they always claimed), I was unhappily about to get married because family/peer pressured(Sin’s culture of get married bcos of BTO).

I wasn’t keen in meeting someone new or the hassle of breaking off and the drama involved so I decided to just go ahead with whatever makes everyone happy.


I was professional for the first 3 years, he indirectly courted me throughout and really took good care of me.

He brought me around the world for conferences, we took business on company expenses, stayed at only the best, we really travelled the world and nothing happened and that was ALL his plan knowing I will immediately reject if he came on too strong.

He’s very smart may I add(that itself is so charming). 3 years of taking good care of me, showing me what a charming person he was and it didn’t take too long for me to accepted his advances.

Made up for all my husband’s shortcomings

Things that my now husband neglected he made up all for it. I enjoyed the romance, the chase and eventually I really enjoyed him as a person. Funny, smart, tall and speaks eloquently.

I left the company when covid happened as I wanted to study, he sponsored my studies and even gave me $5000 a month.


He even gave me his car because he didn’t want me to take grab or Public transport. I’ll be stupid to not take it.

Since covid happened till now I’m happily taking his money without guilt even though we hardly meet anymore too.

My feelings faded and I wanted to try and be right to my husband

Tbh my feelings faded, now I just want to end things off as I’m so tired of hiding and deleting texts, I’m actually tired of being the bit-h/mistress whatever names u may want to call me.

To be honest, I want to lead a decent life with my husband and try to love him again, I care for him but I won’t say I do love him.

Yes I’m going to miss the free money and even the car but I have to start somewhere. It’s honestly not e money for me as I’m able to get a job that pays the same or more but again, free money I like it.

My boss was not happy because he ‘invested’ a lot on me

I tried to break things off tactfully but drama ensues, he was mad he “invested” so much in me(I mean we both are married I don’t see where this is heading).

I saw the ugly side of him, I feel bad of course but things eventually have to end. It has not ended yet but I told him let’s cool down, things got too heated, he wanted to meet I avoided etc.

Im just venting here and I don’t know what advice I need.

Maybe an advise to fellow girls out there, don’t be pressured because your friends are getting their BTO, are talking about marriage plans and you feel like you are not young too and need to follow suit.

If he’s not the one don’t rush into it. Many of my friends now are about to get a divorce or divorced now.


Don’t settle just because and definitely is not right to be a mistress.

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