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MBS Hotel With Pubic Hair And Dirty Room

pubic-hair-chair-stains-glue-smells-mbs-singapore-bad-review_0Dear Singapore Uncensored,


Firstly the reason I go back to Marina Bay Sands as the first experience is wonderful. my second trip on 30/8/16 is utterly disappointing despite giving allowance. service man TAT is attentive and responsive , other than that my experience is perhaps bad luck which happen to me only .

1st upon check in discover that the relax chair is full of blonde hair by the side and pubic hair being swept by the side of the chair to hide.

2nd at the pool I pass the wrong access card to my wife which disallow me to enter , I request to enter and walk out from the pool but the lady security offer to escort me in and out which makes me feel like a convict and everyone will be wondering why do I have a staff to escort me like a prisoner which I rejected therefore make a call to my pregnant birthday wife to come out to the barrier entry again just to pass her the correct access card.

3rd I was only provide one set of toothbrush for 3 person.


4thly the wine opener is so dirty and staining .

5th evening time at 10 pm access card not working was ask to go lobby to exchange access card to the pool again wearing bathrobe.

6th early in the morning at 10 am the whole level of 11 floor tower 3 smelling like a glue sniffing place for glue addicts. the smell is so overpowering that my wife and I fear for the health safety of my 3 yo and 9 months infant. the glue smell is the one which will cause brain damage or temporary disillusion.

the above incident really took place and I have relevant photographs to prove . empathy me if you were the one having a birthday celebration with the whole family . overall experience disappointing and sad.

The Staffs posted to contact me via private message were hoax as well . In fact we decided to check out after the 10 pm incident but nevertheless our infant is sleeping hence decided to endure the unhappiness and met with more unhappiness in the morning time.


Submitted By: Contact Form

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