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Mental Patient Can Drive On Road? Siao Lang Street Fighter On AYE(Video)

[Since the video of him trying to be a character from street fighter has been viral, might as well i make the whole story viral too. To those who wants two sides of the story, now i will give both sides of it. (Long footage for clearer picture)


So on Saturday 3rd december 2016 at 1610hrs, i was driving with my wife and 1 year old son on first lane AYE towards MCE when suddenly this bike kicked my left passenger door twice out of no reason. (i was abiding the traffic rules) Sensing that he might be a road bully and pose danger, i tried to ignore and drive away from him to protect myself and my family but i couldn’t as he kept chasing after me. So i wind down my window and asked him whats wrong, but he did not respond. So i told him to stop at the road shoulder. He came out of his bike and stopped me due to my car’s exhaust backfire. He seemed to be high at that time after i did my mental state examination(CEH!) He even banged my driver side window! he thought my exhaust was illegal and insist to see the cert and i showed him just to please him (He thinks he is LTA) and then asked me to go out and fight with him. (of course i stay in the car, my family was around) I called the police right away as i felt threatened. He went off after he noticed i called the police.

And then i received an FB message from his wife, saying that he has mental issues, having problem coping with his medications bla bla bla.. So means that everytime he does this to other innocent people on the roads, he can escape due to these reasons?

If he has problem coping with his medications or feels agitated after taking it, then he should seek help! Medications are meant to help!

I hope he will be banned from driving/riding or alternatively, get treatment.]


Source: Hazrul

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