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Mother Threaten To Disown Daughter For Too Much Plastic Surgery


On a TV program publicized last Thursday, a troubled mother chose to swing to the media for stop her 29-year-old little girl’s plastic surgery propensity. She even went so far as to debilitate to abandon her on the off chance that she would not quit transforming her looks.


Amid the syndicated program broadcast by Dragon TV, the 61-year-old mother advised her little girl, who had blown 800,000 yuan ($122,000) on 20 plastic surgery operations over only the previous two years, that she felt crushed by her perpetually evolving face, Tencent reports.

“Each time I see her, she looks changed. I can barely remember her despite the fact that I’m her mom,” she told the gathering of people, by means of SCMP. “Presently my girl’s face has been completely reshaped, every one of her aunties say she looks rather like a creature. In what capacity would I be able to not be concerned?”

The little girl, Yu Bing, who maintains a dressing business with companions, said that she has a powerful urge to be another Fan Bingbing, a whiz Chinese performer, popular for her white skin, pointed button, huge eyes and fine nose, however Fan firmly denies they are the consequences of plastic surgery – despite the fact that her companions as of now view her as a “gorgeous young lady.”



Yu told the gathering of people that she had gone under the blade for jaw twisting, nose reproduction and twofold eyelids operations; in any case, she was still unsatisfied with what she looked like, trusting that her “eyes are too little” and her “jaw too long.”

At the point when gotten some information about what 2016 has in store, Yu reacted that she wants to “develop taller” this year by getting a surgery in which a specialist would break her shin unresolved issues inserts, giving her a couple of additional centimeters in tallness.

Subsequent to listening to this, her mother separated into tears. She said that she was concerned her little girl would soon wind up dead on the operation table. In spite of her mom’s conspicuous sorrow, Yu’s demeanor didn’t change. “I’m not grinning. Really, I need to cry as well. Be that as it may, I’ve quite recently done a surgery that twisted my lips upward.PSmain

Moved by her mother’s sympathy, Yu apologized toward the end of the system. Since it happened on TV, it must be valid.

We simply trust that Yu doesn’t wind up dead or like one of these Chinese ladies who dissented in the city of Seoul, upbraiding the shady middle people and healing centers mindful subsequent to anguish messed up plastic surgery operations performed in Korea.



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