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Mothers are buying vibrators for daughter


A mother wants to buy 2 vibrators for her 2 daughters in the near future. One of them is 8, while the other is ONLY 1 years old.


Who is this mother? 

Her name is Stephanie Land, currently a 37 mother of two. Working as a writer in Montana. Her idea of buying vibrators for her daughters is her plan to let her daughters feel less tempted to sex as the daughters will learn what is masturbation. She feels that the daughters will understand pleasure instead of looking for a ding dong.


Stephanie explained this decision was because of her experience as of someone that has face domestic violence when she was only 17 years old and she became addicted to SEX and did not know how to pleasure herself. Her idea is hoping that her daughters will get it off without a Ding Dong.

She also believe that girls should not just start by learning about having sex with guys, but they must learn how to let themselves have some fun first.

Not only just vibrators, she has another plan in mind. She will give the girls magazines and books about the woman’s magical part and let them learn techniques of masturbation and how to achieve it.


Her idea is to let her daughters achieve orgasim feelings before needing to think that the boy’s ding dong could be tempting or attracting. Letting her girls feel orgasim will counter this issue.

She hope that her daughters will learn to make decisions before answering to a guy’s request for sex, she wants her daughters to only say “YES” after they know what is good sex and proper sexual satisfaction before engaging in sexual activities.

Authors View

For me i feel that this might be a double edge sword. If it goes the wrong way she could be introducing the sexual world to her daughter in a premature state. “oh it feels this way with vibrator! i want to try it with a guy” POOF “mom, im pregnant”

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