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A photo was taken and uploaded to the Facebook page of Member of Parliament (MP) of Jalan Besar, Dr Wan Rizal.


In the photo, a food delivery personnel believed to be working for Deliveroo was seen waiting at a traffic junction along Gambas Avenue under the heavy rain on his bicycle and a food delivery thermal bag strapped to his back and shoulders.

Seeing the plight of the delivery personnel, Dr Wan Rizal then urged for everyone to have patience when waiting for their food to be sent to the comfort of their homes by the food delivery personnel.

He further says that we will not know what these hardworking delivery personnel have to go through just to send the food order to us.

At the time of writing by Singapore Uncensored, the post has garnered almost 1,600 likes and reactions and also 481 shares.


Here is what the MP said

“Be patient with your food delivery person. You don’t know what they have to go through to get your food to you.”

May be an image of road, street and text that says "Gamb"

Comments by netizen

Netizens who saw the post shared their views and thoughts in the comments section and many of them agreed with the MP that we should have some empathy and patience for the food delivery personnel who work hard to earn a living.

One even said that he had encountered a rider who was injured before and all the rider cared about was whether the food items were crushed by the accident instead of his own injuries.

Here are some of the comments:

  • Be grateful, they are delivery heros, just to earn a little living, it will be worse for those that are handicapped delivery. Grab shld look into employee welfare esp the delivery. Do not forget for them to get listed they depends a lot on these hardworking deliveries to complete their orders. Think more about them.
  • On raining days, I will rather have instant noodles or eat whatever I can find at home rather than ordering delivery. No heart to see them brave through the rain.
  • Agreed. Was helping a rider who was clipped by a bus and all he worried was the crushed juice to be delivered to customer and not his own injuries.
  • The best customers can do is give some tips. Don’t stop ordering just because it’s raining. Riders don’t get paid by the hour. No riders want to sit around and wait for rain to stop with no income coming in.
  • Agreed. Rain or Shine , they still deliver to your doorstep. Therefore , be patient.

Image source: The Halal Food Blog

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