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My friends said if want part of them must wear Rolex



Dear SingaporeUncensored

I used to have group of buddies we know since our NS times its been more than 10 years going thru thick and thin together. I have been through their weddings, their first year old son/daughter birthdays. I was pretty sure that our friendship last pretty much a long time. Though they were doing much better financial some of them being businessman and bankers.

But recently they changed due to a new input of Mr X, he was introduced into the group by one of the mutual he quite a high flyer and a investment brokerĀ and he help many of them to make quite a tidy sum in the stock market.

I was the only one that didn’t take part in the investment because i wasn’t that financial well to do and i quite a safety guy. They started dining in more expensive restaurants for meets up and even going to more exotic location for our “annual bros retreat” Soon i couldn’t keep up with them and i had to excused myself from their activities.

One fine day we had one meet up to have coffee, one them told me” Hey bro i sorry to break to you that if you want to join our clique you have to have a rolex watch” and everyone of them had a rolex watch. I look at them with tears in my eyes “bros you know I can’t afford it right?” Then came the dagger to my heart, I have to leave the group because i don’t have rolex.

It been a long time since i had teared in my eyes and I never forget the smirk of Mr X when i walked out of the coffeehouse. I guess nothing last forever.