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So, My husband (M34) and I (F28) got married recently and moved into our new home, The neighbourhood is nice and quiet and the neighbours are really nice. Except for this family that lives right next to us.


Although we just got back from our honeymoon, I still wear lingerie and sometimes walk around in them when I wake up in the morning when making coffee or breakfast.

The other day I was in the kitchen preparing coffee while my husband was out and heard a knock on the door, I immediately went to grab my robe (long) before answering. I opened the door and found our next-door neighbour, I asked how he was doing and he told me that his 7-year-old kid was at the toilet window which is facing our living room and since his daughter uses “binoculars”, she saw me wearing “inappropriate” clothes while walking around in the living room.

I was taken back. turns out his daughter uses her binoculars to supposedly watch “birds” but she obviously peeped through our large glass windows to see inside even though we have curtains on. My neighbour said this wasn’t cool and his daughter just saw “something” she can not unsee and that is not appropriate. I asked him what he meant and he requested that I be a little considerate when it comes to clothing (or lack of) but I thought that was just ridiculous since that is my house.

I argued that this is my home I get to wear whatever I want and also, his daughter had no business peeping wtf. He said she is just a kid and didn’t mean any harm. Went as far as to say she was just being “curious”. I said sorry but you gonna have to leave. He did not take it well and implied that he’d take steps to ensure I don’t “expose” his daughter to stuff like that in the future. He left and I just thought my entire day was ruined especially after he said he’d bring this incident to the neighbourhood’s group’s attention.


I told my husband what happened when he got home and he agreed with our neighbour saying that I should “just leave the lingerie in the room” where it belongs and learn to put some decent clothes on before getting out of the bedroom to avoid this type of incidents. He also said I was wrong to speak to our neighbour like that and that if he was in his shoes and his kid witnessed “that” he’d be just as furious if not more. So we should cut our neighbour some slack.

I feel like I was the AH for how I handled this situation but I think since I’m in my own home then why can’t I wear what I want and be carefree.

Here is what netizens think:

  • Shame on your husband for siding with your neighbor over you. In the privacy of your own home, you can wear whatever you want to wear. The neighbor should be chastising his daughter for peeping into your home instead of trying to control a grown woman’s choice of dress in her own home.
  • And how did the neighbour know she was wearing lingerie? How did the kid know what she was wearing was inappropriate? It sounds like the neighbour ended up looking through his kid’s binoculars.
  • If your husband doesn’t feel lingerie is appropriate wear then he doesn’t get to see you in lingerie.
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