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A post was seen online posted by a netizen who asked the community if PSLE scores impacted any of their lives in terms of what they were doing in their careers now.


Here is what she shared

Dear all, what were your PSLE scores and what are you doing in life now? I’m really curious if the scores really does impact our life in Singapore’s education system. I’ll go first. I got 234 for my PSLE and my parents were disappointed with me because I can’t get into RVHS. Math and science was A*, chinese was A, and english was a B+. Im currently working as a researcher with 5k monthly pay.

Netizens also commented on their scores and current career

  • PSLE 260, went to an IP school, now earning $3k at a startup. Guess I really peaked at 12.
  • In all honesty, quite a lot in my case. 260+ and though I underperformed at A levels, employers still hired me for the brand name of the schools I went to. Never had to apply for jobs, got picked based on connections and credentials. A good PSLE score can open the right doors that lead to the right people. I’ll admit it’s not the fairest system.
  • Got 160, pretty much got lost in life during sec sch for 2yrs and woke up. Currently 29, earning 4.3k, 3YOE, no degree. Frankly speaking, grades matters as much as you want it to matter. What matters the most is you know what to do in life or in your career. Everything will just fall into places naturally.
  • Got 185 for PSLE went to NA. Topped cohort in Sec 1 and got promoted to Express stream in Sec 2 despite some of my classmates got higher PSLE score than me cos some got 190+. After secondary school went to MI (3 yr A lvls) and now am gonna start uni in NUS next week
  • I got 166 for PSLE. Got into the worst NA class in my secondary school. Got 17 points for N-levels. No choice but to go for private degree. Fast forward many years later, currently waiting to enter a pretty alright law school overseas to do my masters. I was a verryyy late bloomer.

Editor’s Comments: Doesn’t really matter la to be honest, at the end of the day is how much money you can earn. Through legal means of course.

Image source: Google Maps, PSLE Parents/Facebook

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