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Reading and talking about the paranormal can give spirits the energy to interact with us, a theory i have been tinkering with. I’ll explain:


So i used to have tons of little paranormal experiences up until i turned 18 then they just stopped. And nothing for nearly 20 years. Then about 6 months ago i started getting super interested in the paranormal again and I’ve been either reading people’s experiences here or listening to podcasts. And things have started to happen again. I believe the more attention you give to the paranormal, even indirectly by reading about others experiences, can give them enough energy to interact with you. Some back story before i get into my latest happenings:

I started dating my ex wife in 09. We moved into our house in 2010-11. We always believed there was a presence in the house but apart from a dumb teenage girl moment with a friend claiming to be sensitive or another girl claiming to see something, no real experiences ever happened. But as adults when we moved in, we always sensed something here. Not really malevolent, but powerful enough of a presence to put you and sometimes also company at unease. But for literally a decade, zero actual experiences. Nothing unexplainable. Even when talking about the paranormal and even making jokes and subconsciously trying to stir something up out of sheer curiosity. Then in 2020 we separate and i move out.

In this new place i occasionally feel a small presence. I chalk it up to either imagination or maybe there’s someone watching over me. Who really knows what’s there which we cant see. We can only speculate. Now cut to 6 months ago when i start to get super drawn to the paranormal again. And i begin reading people’s stories literally every night in bed as i wind down to sleep. i shared about my experience with an entity i mentioned when i talked about the paranormal, it seemed to, as i call it “stir shit up”. As in if you give them attention, they would feed off the energy enough to actually interact with you somehow. Now that I’m giving more attention to this world we know so little about once again, it seems the same thing is happening all over again. I’m starting to feel the presences much stronger. Weird for sure, but i continue. Then around October i have a new experience……

I was at home. You can always hear them. Even over the tv or music, even when you try to be sneaky. They’re just damn loud. One morning about 6:18am. I remember exactly because my morning ritual is i wake up before any other roommate, get dressed, and relax on my phone until 6:30 when i walk out to leave for work. All before any roommate wakes up for their routine.


I am in my room looking at my phone waiting on time to leave. Dead silence in the entire house. Sitting in my room, facing my open bedroom door. Suddenly i hear loud sounds as something slowly walks down the hallway. But i think maybe it’s a roommate coming to talk to me before i leave. I wait about 1-2 minutes. No sounds, no lights turn on or off. There was nobody up at the time. Later that day when i came home i asked each roommate if it was them. They were not. I did everything in my power to explain it away. There is zero logic to disprove it. I tried.

Next experience:
I and my ex-wife are still friends. She’s still in our old house. We’re getting ready to sell it. so we decided since her roommates are moving out and we have work to do to get it ready to sell, i would move back in since I’d be there so often anyway and we get along well enough.

Immediately the presence in that house is stronger than i had ever felt before i left it. Every night. Im still reading and listening to stories and podcasts in bed. Getting very creeped out. Dumb and brave, I continue anyway.

One evening i go with ex-wife to help do some baby sitting and cleaning for cash at a friend’s home. She’s been doing so for months and asked me to come along this time because she hates going there alone because she thinks it’s haunted and gets spooked out.

There is a specific room she hates and feels like there’s always a presence in that room and it makes her extremely uneasy. A friend was hanging out with us and decided to tag along. So we get there and she asks me to handle that room because i don’t rattle easily.


So she’s in the toilet, the friend is just standing in the hall talking to us and I’m in the hall running an extension cord and i walk past the door to that particular room. I look at our friend as he turns sheet white and says as i walked past it, the door slowly opened.

Even though it was locked solid (i had literally just barely asked wifey to come unlock it for me so i could vacuum it so i know for a fact it was just locked). Take that as you will, just a door coming unlatched or paranormal. But it felt unlikely it just unlatched as it is a heavy solid built door with a sturdy lock.

Anyway, I tried recording some audio in the room alone a couple times hoping to catch something but i have captured nothing so far. I’ll keep trying whenever i get a chance. I also say “you are not allowed to follow us home or attach yourself to us and you are not allowed to feed off our energy” before we leave.

3rd experience:
First week of December ex-wife is gone with new boyfriend, leaving me alone in the house for a couple months. A buddy of mine who is pretty sensitive to spirits and such is visiting and we end up talking about the paranormal and i bring up the strong presence here which has felt significantly stronger since being alone. He mentions he’s felt something watching us from the kitchen the whole time that evening and nervously changed the subject.

That night i go to bed, read some stories here, get all spooked and get sleepy, put my phone on the charger, turn off lights, and lay down. Im still very much awake after only about a minute or two since turning off the lights when i feel something clear as can be pat on the bed next to my foot. As if someone took their open palm and just firmly went *pat, pat, pat, pat.

I am most definitely alone in this house. There’s no way it was a person. I calmly said “do not mess with me while i am in bed, and you are not allowed to feed off of my energy, and please respect my home and my boundaries”. And tried not to freak out as i tucked the blanket under my body as if it was a protective shield and eventually went to sleep.

After that i don’t read the spookies every night anymore, shit needs to calm down until I’m at least not home alone lol. But here i am typing this at midnight when i should be going to sleep, home alone still. So i guess we’ll see if i have another one to report soon……

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