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Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Are locals Singaporeans just so hard to befriend? Or are foreigners just so friendly and easy to befriend?


I am a local Singaporean and have worked in NUS for almost a year, and several companies previously. So far the wonderful friends that I had made naturally through face to face conversations are all foreigners from all over the world..

China, Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Egyptian, Spanish, Malaysian, Korean, Fillipino, Sri Lankan.. you name it all.

Been in greatly multicultural workplace environments especially over here in NUS. We still keep in contact even after leaving our previous jobs.

Very very few Singaporeans, and thats about it.


On the other hand, I have had 1 of the worst relationships ever when I tried to befriend the local Singaporeans at NUS and my past workplaces, have never gotten well.

They turned out to be all cliquish, exclusive, judgemental gossipers and cut-throat style and one of the most selfish unhelpful people, from what I had encountered.

Is there just something wrong with me or is it just a horrible Singaporean culture thing?

Netizens’ comments

  1. Huh? Singaporeans mostly make Singaporean friends what. I think you’re the outlier. If you’re local Singaporean, yet cannot make Singaporean friends, it’s very weird.
  2. In my opinion, there are several factors in play here. I can name 3.
    1 being that the fact that they are in a foreign country generally makes them less likely to be introverted (introverted people are less likely to move overseas, especially into a crowded city) and hence more willing to engage and make new friends.
    The 2nd factor is that most locals will already have a good network of friends compared to to the foreigners and are likely less to be actively looking for new friends.
    As for 3, people living in a highly competitive city are more apprehensive of or overloaded with friends requests.
    Hence, they are more prone to rejecting new friend requests. Not always true, but a high propensity for these to happen.
  3. To be honest and neutral stand point. I understand you wish to make friends, perhaps making friends with the local. But but… There are many different types of people ranging from good to toxic. I am a Singaporean too, I face all kinds but I told myself, to be good and respectful, and not axx to others no matter who they are.
    Two things we can reflect upon
    1) if we hope to meet people we want, then we will be the type of people who we desire.
    2) perhaps we clean our own lenses (perception of others) first. No matter what country they are from or where we are, we have the same blood colour. Still human.
    Maybe lastly… If we can make friends with other countries, can’t make one locally… That is some issue for sure. Just like can we say a person respectful towards elderly but rude to his own parents?
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