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how do people simply trust the people they meet on dating apps?


some of my friends use dating app because they are afraid of being left on the shelf. it seems like once the guy/girl fulfill a certain set of criteria, they will just go ahead and get married.

Mr A earns 6k a month, has a decent job, a few years older, already bought his own car. Miss B is working in the teaching sector, loves children and her family.

Mr A paints a good picture of a supportive and financially stable husband while Miss B is a potentially loving wife/mother.

of course there are many successful dating stories from online dating, often seeing comments about “i met my husband/wife on CMB etc”


but i wonder how many are actually messed up. for the messed up marriages, the affected parties are unlikely to talk about it so it will not be known.

many people on dating apps know how to market themselves well. all you see is just a photo (taken at their best angle) and a description of themselves which is likely well crafted to make them hot in demand.

how many Mr A actually met their full description? and how many Miss B are really kindhearted and loving? the whole thing just seems like a hoax but for people who use it, they willingly chose to be hoaxed.

Here are what netizens think:

  • It’s just a way to meet ppl lah. After meetup, catfish will be eliminated and time will tell if rest of description is a hoax or not lah. And pls dun trust anyone u meet online. Google the shit out of them. U may find out they are married or have whatever cheating scandals that ppl have blog abt. Very interesting
  • It’s about luck.Dating apps suit people who have a small social circle of friends.There are still nice people around.The bad sheep normally has the same characteristics.Inconsistency treatment is the most frequently seen RED FLAG.
  • It’s not blind matchmaking la.You see their profile, but take it with a pinch of salt, both parties are interested to meet then y’all see if there’s any connection/chemistry etc. You get to know the person before committing to anything, not get married straight away I mean sure there can be hoaxes and catfishes on the platform but there are good people too and u only need to meet that one right person, which may mean meeting many other hoaxes first
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